Thursday, February 5, 2015


So this week has been.... interesting. All sorts of fun things happened. 
We'll start with Monday night. Well, our schedule here's  little different and so if we have district meeting on monday morning, we're allowed to have an all day pday. Its suuupper nice. So much less stressful. So monday night when we got home I was just quietly handwashing my clothes (we do that here sometimes) and all of a sudden I look out the window-thing (its not actually a window but its not worth describing what it is) and see a lot of flames and a lot of smoke. Now, burning trash is a regular practice here. Completely normal. but this seemed like an awful lot to me. So I stopped washing and went outside to look up the street. Hermana Nethercott was passed out on her bed sleeping so I was like ...uhhh. what do I do. The flames seemed to keep getting bigger and there was a pretty nice wind going.. towards our house... and you could like hear the flames, you know? So I was like "this is not looking good." Luckily I had woken up hermana nethercott trying to get out the door (its hard to open) and so she comes out and we're both like staring at this fire like ...uhhh...
So we call the person we rent the house from and then we're like "hey, can you call the firefighters for us?" cause we dont have their number of course. And he's like yeah sure. Meanwhile you walk up the street and there are these two guys like beating at the flames with wet towels but its totally not helping anything. I thought they were going to die. So then our brazilian neighbor comes outside and starts freaking out and yelling in portuguese and we called the guy we rent from back and were like "did you call?! Its getting pretty big" and he's like "yeah, I called their phone... but they didnt answer". WHAT. THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED:
So me and Hermana nethercott are like ,"well, what else are we gonna do?" So we went and changed into jeans and brought our buckets up from our house to help put out the fire. But then some random guy in a truck pulled up and helped put it out and for the record I only dumped like one bucket of water so mom does not need to freak out. And then it was out, and our Brazilian neighbor invited us in and we were just like gonna drink water with her, but then it starts POURING RAIN and we get trapped in her house in jeans and start chatting with her and the Restoration and explain in to her and then I look down and realized that I had FORGOTTEN MY TAG. And then as soon as we had finished explaining the restoration to her it stopped raining and we could go home.
and that is my story of how God trapped us into teaching our neighbor about the Restoration in jeans and without tags on. One for the books. 

Then Wednesday I went on divisions in La Paloma with the paraguayan sister in the zone, and just loved the extra exposure to guarani. Its awesome and i wish i could speak it better. 

Then on Thursday E told us he wanted to get his life more in order (he's having problems with his job not paying him) before he wants to get baptized. We respect his descision of course, but are also a little frustrated because he is literally the most prepared person in the world and just needs to get baptized. So that was hard. 
Also, we saw what we're pretty sure was a tornado. that was exciting. but it didn't touch down after it looked like that it just went back up in the cloud. 

And then on Saturday we had an FHE with one of my favorite families and I brought my fake snow to share with them :) I have more pictures of it but the computer's being really slow. 
And now I'm in Encarnacion, about to cross over to argentina for consejo.
love you guys, please pray for E!!

All my love,
Hermana Rawlins!

oh hello, tornado?

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