Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweeter Above All That Is Sweet

We hardly ever get letters beside the once a month trip to posadas, but this past week our zone leaders had to go do tramites in posadas and they came back with surprise letters!! It was a special treat and right when I could use one! Ese, your present is awesome! thank you! And I also especially loved my letter from Santa!! It took a month but he found me down here :) As soon as I saw it and knew what it was, I tucked it away in my bag and saved it for later, to snuggle into my bed and read with a flashlight :) Santa may or may not have made me cry :) thank you!!

This week was a very busy full week, because we were helping out with W's baptism, the 8 year old son of the family we've been reactivating. Here in the branch, the missionaries are responsible for making sure the ward baptisms happen along with our own investigators. but i think it turned out good, there was a lot of support from the branch which was nice, and the family seemed happy! 

This week will also be busy because its the week of E's baptism! Please please pray for him!! He is just the best investigator ever and we're praying everything goes well for him! We desperately need priesthood brethren in the church, and E is perfect if we can just get him going off in the right direction. He's already in Mosiah in his Book of Mormon and has a wonderful testimony which he bears often, so I think we've gotten off to a good start. Yesterday we were reading together in the Book of Mormon and he made me cry talking about the privilege God gave him of finding the true church and not wanting to mess the opportunity up, but wanting to stay on the path and make it back to God's kingdom to be perfect and rule with him. Oh my goodness. The mission offers hard and challenging experiences, but also a fair share of those "sweeter above all that is sweet." 
In my setting apart blessing (Before Amanda went on her mission), President Peterson promised me that according to my obedience and diligence, the Lord would be able to trust me with some of His most precious children. I've been kind of stressed out about this promise or anxious, not really feeling like it was coming true and worrying that maybe I wasn't living up to what I was supposed to be. 
Well, this week I got the prompting that one of the people referred to in that promise, was E. He is my brother, who just needed the truth and was looking for it for a very long time. Now he has found it, and often talks about this "happiness that I never felt before in my whole life. A happiness from God that fills me up." Like I said, sweeter above all that is sweet.

Among the sweet, this week has also really tested me with the branch. Normally I'm pretty tranquila and low key about it all, but for some reason this week was really hard. It is hard down here, really hard. I dont even really know how to explain what it's like. I haven't seen a Bishop in 16 months, let alone had a functioning ward mission leader my whole mission. We so desperately need true, valiant priesthood brethren. Don't take them for granted!!

So I've had to remind myself several times this week "You wouldn't be happy anywhere else. THIS is the work you are designed for". I know its true, but hermana nethercott and I this past week just got exhausted. Its hard, how do I even describe it? But I love it. I really do. I love and embrace the craziness and absurd things the missionaries are told to do, or yelled at for supposedly doing or not doing. But this work is my work. I think I would be bored if the church down here worked the way it's supposed to! I'm gonna get home and be a pianist again and miss this all :) 

I love you all, I love this work, and I love my Savior. Stay true!

Hermana Rawlins

this week we were walking down the road and I was on the phone with the elders asking them a question, and all of a sudden i hear hermana nethercott say "are those toucans??" and I look up and sure enough, there are two toucans hoping down the road and a lady and her daughter trying to pick them up and take them back into their house. So i go, "hold on elder, theres a lady with toucans?" and he goes, "wait, WHAT" and I dont know what else because i promptly hung up on him and we asked if we could hold the toucans and take pictures. they're their pets. in the one picture, you can see mine trying to eat my earring. close call. 

Hermano L after he baptized his son!! Hooray!!
the drain broke, so this is how we emptied out to baptismal font 
W's favorite part was definitely the cake...
we found a frog outside the church and the young men were all impressed that a sister missionary had the guts to pick it up. mostly i did it just cause I wanted a picture. :)
but it felt pretty gross and can we just talk about how this looks like I'm putting it in Elder ollerton's pocket?? haha
welcome to the district :)

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