Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Last Transfer?

6 WEEKS?!?!?!? What is this people?!?!

Questions from the Family:

You still didn't tell us much about your companion!  What's her name? 
While now she's not my companion anymore haha. Hermana Primo! She's from Peru, and is headed back there tomorrow, woot!

Have you been able to get out in your area much this week?
ahh... not really

I guess transfers are this week, do you know your new companion?
yup, her name's Hermana Averett!! I was her HLC last transfer, she's in some of the pics I sent home!

How did it go this past week with your companion's healing and trying to learn the area?
While she's feeling better and I probably wont get too lost.

What was the shoutout to Elder Roberts' mom?
hahaha that was an experiment. I've discovered that a surprising amount of people read my blog. Like all of the American hermanas who come have read it, and lots of peoples moms are reading it (hey guys!!) Elder Roberts is in my zone now and he told me his mom told him that my blog said that I was sad to leave Paraguay. (did you follow that? :) so we decided to put a shoutout in my email and see if she'd notice haha :) 

Do you hear anything about E?
YES!!!! E got baptized on Valentines day in the Parana River!!! I was so happy when I found out that it went through and also sad that I missed his river baptism. maybe I cried a little.
Other item of business: No one kill me, but I do not remember Issac's birthday (Isaac is Amanda's nephew). Considering the child was born while I was gone.... I do not consider myself obligated to remember the exact date of his birth. But someone should tell me so I dont feel bad for missing it.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISSAC!!!! (just in case)
Also this week the office started the process of flight plans I believe, I put mom's email on the address cause its the only one I remember and the home phone. Do we still have a home phone?? haha
Today is cambios!!! I'm staying in LaValle (surprise!) and my new companion is Hermana Averett!! She was in La Paloma when I was in Saltos so I know her and everything and now she's gonna be the one to kill me! (mission slang, not really haha) I wish I had been there in Saltos when they read that transfer to everyone! I bet the reactions were pretty funny cause we were just together 2 weeks ago haha. 
Also in the cambios they're taking the Hermanas out of Virasoro!!! I'm so sad! there just aren't enough Hermanas coming in and a ton going home so a lot of areas are being closed. But I feel blessed to have been there while the hermanas were there. Royhaihu Virasoro.
I have really found comfort and guidance in the Book of Mormon this week. I love it so much. I was gonna write down the verse is particular but then I forgot, sorry.
But I liked this quote Emily sent me a few weeks ago.

"I pray that on your mission you will have many moments of complete and overwhelming and even anguishing desperation. Why? Because then, and only then, will you desperately ask, desperately seek and desperately knock. Then, and only then, will you find the courage and determination to follow through with exactness everything the Lord needs you to do in order to serve a valiant vibrant, worthy and very successful mission for Him."
Sister Nelson 

It is very true that sometimes the Lord is the only one you can turn to. And He is always there.
love youu!!
hermana rawlins

me and hermana primo at the physical therapist :) 
the most crooked zone picture ever
sister missionary parties are the best kind 
duomo, the best icecream place in the world, does at home delivery here. Its the best thing ever 
me and hermana primo!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What would you think of an eagle who walks all the time?

Things are good! I had already been in the Lavalle a few times for divisiones. Its not very city-like, its just like a normal neighborhood here like I'm used to which is nice. I would die in the city and I think God knows that. But we're close to the office which means I get mail pretty fast haha :) 
I don't really know how to answer a lot of your questions because to be honest this week wasn't very busy. My companions having knee problems and cant really walk so we spent almost the majority of the week going to doctors appointments and resting in the pension. I wont complain, because I finally got my journal caught up to January. (it was in December) hooray! And I also have a goal of finishing the book of mormon before I get home, and I just barely started alma haha so I'm using the extra time to do that. The problem about it all is that in 1 week I'm supposed to know everything about the area and be able to teach a new comp. But I'm trying not to stress about that, The Lord must know that my best will be enough for Him, and my companion already feels bad enough about it as it as so I try not to make her feel any worse. She would kill herself working if I would let her. :) She's the best and honestly I feel really blessed to even be with her for 2 weeks and  just get to talk and learn from her. She's a really good friend already :) 
I have some funny pictures from the doctors appointments we went to but this computer is sketchy so I'll send them next week. 

Shout out to Elder Robert's mom! :)

Being in the ward is fun! There were like 80 people in church yesterday which was the most I've seen in awhile, and we have a bishop auxiliary organizations that mostly function!! Yesterday I loved church and learned a lot and it felt good to leave edified and not stressed haha :) s'all good :) 
I've learned on the mission that happiness is in everyday moments, and I''m enjoying many of those and many butterflies so all is well :)
Since I don't have anything particularly exciting to share this week, I thought I'd share a spiritual thought since those are always good.
A while ago President asked me a question that came back into my mind as I was feeling a little overwhelmed one night this week.
 "What would you think of an eagle who walks all the time?" 
We are all eagle's, and our divine potential is to fly. We get comfortable in our circumstances, in the nest, and perhaps convince ourselves that we're fine just walking around. Asi no mas. But The Lord intends for us to fly, and often will push us out of our nest. When that happens we can recognize the opportunity for growth, take the strokes we can (is that what its called when a bird flies??") and trust that He will catch us or give us the strength to fly. 
I had that written out better but theres no time to type it haha :)
love you all!!
-Hermana Rawlins

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Left My Heart Along The Way

Note to Self: stop telling family when crazy things happen because immediately afterwards my life just gets crazier.

so, wow. this week.
After I wrote you last week we dashed to the chapel and then headed over to the train to cross over to argentina. Then I spent the night in posadas at the mission home with all of the STLs, and Tuesday was consejo. We talked a lot about implementing the changes from January in our zones and also how to use the Book of Mormon more fully in our missionary work. i loved the focus on the book of mormon, I've really loved and developed a testimony of it on my mission. It has a converting power that nothing else does. 

Then we got news that something had happened and instead of Hermana Nethercott waiting for me in Cuidad del Este, she had to come with another hermana to posadas and stay for a day. So I went back to Cuidad del Este, and waited there for her on divisiones (which were actually really fun). She came back wednesday night so then we made it back to saltos thursday afternoon and probably set our record from time-not-being-in-your-area from Sunday night to Thursday afternoon.
So anyway, we were excited for life to settle down and actually get to work in our area. We planned and had a nice little movie night with the branch and everything. Then on Saturday we had a zone meeting and I did divisiones with the hermanas that afternoon. That night we´re headed back to saltos on the collectivo and I get a call from an Argentine number. Normally this just means the office has a question or we have tramites. Normal.
But then the Elder goes, "do you want the good news or the bad news?" I said bad, and he says, "tomorrow is your last day in Salto del guaira." WHAT. I legit think my mouth hung open, and who knows what poor hermana nethercott thought. I asked what the good news was and he said "you're going to LAVALLE!!!!". I promptly hung up the phone and started sobbing there on the collectivo. I probably looked super crazy but I didnt care. My biggest thought was, "but how am I going to leave these people??"" and also just for the record I had never wanted to serve in Posadas. So, that night was really hard. Lets just leave it at that. 
But I'm grateful for it, because it was chance for me to show trust in the Lord. I want to be a true disciple, not just one when times are good, and so I got on my news and prayed for the strength to do His will and not mine. Because my will was totally to stay in Salto aka paradise for the rest of my mission and just live it up. 
But President LaPierre told me that the transfer call was one that was really clear to him, and that I was gonna come here to the Lavalle whether or not it was in the emergency transfer or not. But here's a fun fact... my companion goes home in two weeks so I have two weeks to learn everything about the area and the investigators and how to live in Posadas. Its gonna be a fun new challenge! The best part is my new companion, I think shes literally an angel. Not joking. 

Other random thing, Im really sad because I left paraguay. I didnt want to come back to Argentina (no offense argentina), but this morning I left Paraguay and dont know if I'll ever go back. I think I left my heart along the way. But as hermana nethercott said "the good thing about hearts is that theres always room for more". Also, I'm going to miss her SOOO much. goodness.

Okay I've gotta go but I love you all and will continue to keep working, just now in Posadas!! Its ok, because there are butterflies :)
Hermana rawlins

p.s. pleeeeease pray for E, his baptism is supposed to be on Saturday I wont be there (we're not talking about that) but please still pray for him he needs a lot of support!
theres a sweet new train that crosses the bridge from argentina to paraguay. we used it to cross over to consejo. and the funnest part was that it was pouring rain so we were just a bunch of dripping wet missionaries walking around :)
this is me and Hermana Crump and Hermana Rust. ITs crazy cause they're going home now and they were the ones whose blogs i was reading while they were in the mtc before I left! Ah! Also this picture is like the definition of red eye 
me and my favorite nicaraguan sisters (hermana gonzalez and her best friend were called to the same mission and are here together. they're awesome) 
this is us and A and M. they are like my sisters, I love visiting them. Its always absolutely hilarious 
us and A
us and the Familia Gomez <33 
the youth all came to the church before I left sunday afternoon and made hot dogs and hung out. this is my favorite picture of all of us
this is me and E

Thursday, February 5, 2015


So this week has been.... interesting. All sorts of fun things happened. 
We'll start with Monday night. Well, our schedule here's  little different and so if we have district meeting on monday morning, we're allowed to have an all day pday. Its suuupper nice. So much less stressful. So monday night when we got home I was just quietly handwashing my clothes (we do that here sometimes) and all of a sudden I look out the window-thing (its not actually a window but its not worth describing what it is) and see a lot of flames and a lot of smoke. Now, burning trash is a regular practice here. Completely normal. but this seemed like an awful lot to me. So I stopped washing and went outside to look up the street. Hermana Nethercott was passed out on her bed sleeping so I was like ...uhhh. what do I do. The flames seemed to keep getting bigger and there was a pretty nice wind going.. towards our house... and you could like hear the flames, you know? So I was like "this is not looking good." Luckily I had woken up hermana nethercott trying to get out the door (its hard to open) and so she comes out and we're both like staring at this fire like ...uhhh...
So we call the person we rent the house from and then we're like "hey, can you call the firefighters for us?" cause we dont have their number of course. And he's like yeah sure. Meanwhile you walk up the street and there are these two guys like beating at the flames with wet towels but its totally not helping anything. I thought they were going to die. So then our brazilian neighbor comes outside and starts freaking out and yelling in portuguese and we called the guy we rent from back and were like "did you call?! Its getting pretty big" and he's like "yeah, I called their phone... but they didnt answer". WHAT. THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED:
So me and Hermana nethercott are like ,"well, what else are we gonna do?" So we went and changed into jeans and brought our buckets up from our house to help put out the fire. But then some random guy in a truck pulled up and helped put it out and for the record I only dumped like one bucket of water so mom does not need to freak out. And then it was out, and our Brazilian neighbor invited us in and we were just like gonna drink water with her, but then it starts POURING RAIN and we get trapped in her house in jeans and start chatting with her and the Restoration and explain in to her and then I look down and realized that I had FORGOTTEN MY TAG. And then as soon as we had finished explaining the restoration to her it stopped raining and we could go home.
and that is my story of how God trapped us into teaching our neighbor about the Restoration in jeans and without tags on. One for the books. 

Then Wednesday I went on divisions in La Paloma with the paraguayan sister in the zone, and just loved the extra exposure to guarani. Its awesome and i wish i could speak it better. 

Then on Thursday E told us he wanted to get his life more in order (he's having problems with his job not paying him) before he wants to get baptized. We respect his descision of course, but are also a little frustrated because he is literally the most prepared person in the world and just needs to get baptized. So that was hard. 
Also, we saw what we're pretty sure was a tornado. that was exciting. but it didn't touch down after it looked like that it just went back up in the cloud. 

And then on Saturday we had an FHE with one of my favorite families and I brought my fake snow to share with them :) I have more pictures of it but the computer's being really slow. 
And now I'm in Encarnacion, about to cross over to argentina for consejo.
love you guys, please pray for E!!

All my love,
Hermana Rawlins!

oh hello, tornado?