Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Left My Heart Along The Way

Note to Self: stop telling family when crazy things happen because immediately afterwards my life just gets crazier.

so, wow. this week.
After I wrote you last week we dashed to the chapel and then headed over to the train to cross over to argentina. Then I spent the night in posadas at the mission home with all of the STLs, and Tuesday was consejo. We talked a lot about implementing the changes from January in our zones and also how to use the Book of Mormon more fully in our missionary work. i loved the focus on the book of mormon, I've really loved and developed a testimony of it on my mission. It has a converting power that nothing else does. 

Then we got news that something had happened and instead of Hermana Nethercott waiting for me in Cuidad del Este, she had to come with another hermana to posadas and stay for a day. So I went back to Cuidad del Este, and waited there for her on divisiones (which were actually really fun). She came back wednesday night so then we made it back to saltos thursday afternoon and probably set our record from time-not-being-in-your-area from Sunday night to Thursday afternoon.
So anyway, we were excited for life to settle down and actually get to work in our area. We planned and had a nice little movie night with the branch and everything. Then on Saturday we had a zone meeting and I did divisiones with the hermanas that afternoon. That night we´re headed back to saltos on the collectivo and I get a call from an Argentine number. Normally this just means the office has a question or we have tramites. Normal.
But then the Elder goes, "do you want the good news or the bad news?" I said bad, and he says, "tomorrow is your last day in Salto del guaira." WHAT. I legit think my mouth hung open, and who knows what poor hermana nethercott thought. I asked what the good news was and he said "you're going to LAVALLE!!!!". I promptly hung up the phone and started sobbing there on the collectivo. I probably looked super crazy but I didnt care. My biggest thought was, "but how am I going to leave these people??"" and also just for the record I had never wanted to serve in Posadas. So, that night was really hard. Lets just leave it at that. 
But I'm grateful for it, because it was chance for me to show trust in the Lord. I want to be a true disciple, not just one when times are good, and so I got on my news and prayed for the strength to do His will and not mine. Because my will was totally to stay in Salto aka paradise for the rest of my mission and just live it up. 
But President LaPierre told me that the transfer call was one that was really clear to him, and that I was gonna come here to the Lavalle whether or not it was in the emergency transfer or not. But here's a fun fact... my companion goes home in two weeks so I have two weeks to learn everything about the area and the investigators and how to live in Posadas. Its gonna be a fun new challenge! The best part is my new companion, I think shes literally an angel. Not joking. 

Other random thing, Im really sad because I left paraguay. I didnt want to come back to Argentina (no offense argentina), but this morning I left Paraguay and dont know if I'll ever go back. I think I left my heart along the way. But as hermana nethercott said "the good thing about hearts is that theres always room for more". Also, I'm going to miss her SOOO much. goodness.

Okay I've gotta go but I love you all and will continue to keep working, just now in Posadas!! Its ok, because there are butterflies :)
Hermana rawlins

p.s. pleeeeease pray for E, his baptism is supposed to be on Saturday I wont be there (we're not talking about that) but please still pray for him he needs a lot of support!
theres a sweet new train that crosses the bridge from argentina to paraguay. we used it to cross over to consejo. and the funnest part was that it was pouring rain so we were just a bunch of dripping wet missionaries walking around :)
this is me and Hermana Crump and Hermana Rust. ITs crazy cause they're going home now and they were the ones whose blogs i was reading while they were in the mtc before I left! Ah! Also this picture is like the definition of red eye 
me and my favorite nicaraguan sisters (hermana gonzalez and her best friend were called to the same mission and are here together. they're awesome) 
this is us and A and M. they are like my sisters, I love visiting them. Its always absolutely hilarious 
us and A
us and the Familia Gomez <33 
the youth all came to the church before I left sunday afternoon and made hot dogs and hung out. this is my favorite picture of all of us
this is me and E

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