Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First week in Paraguay!

Hello famjamily!!
It was so so super good to see you all and get to talk to you!!! (Missionaries get to Skype home for Mother's Day). I just love you all a ton, and think about you lots and lots!
I've just been thinking about how fun and happy it was getting to talk to you all since then! But because of our wonderful conversation I dont have much to say to you all right now, sorry!
Someone asked about my companion. Shes really really sweet and loving. Shes from the Peruvian campo, so we come from just about as different backgrounds as you can get, but shes very loving and tender. She is one of the few people I have met who actually make the phrase "the light of the gospel in their face and their eyes" (thats actually not a phrase, is it?...) come to life. Anway, what I mean by that is... her face is light. Okay, I have no idea what im saying but it is supposed to be a compliment to her.
Someone also asked if walking distances are the same (between Amanda's last area and her new one). I havent decided yet, cause Im still trying to get used to the area. So I honestly dont know. not all the roads are paved though, just here instead of being a dirt road, its a sand road! 

Today we literally spent our entire pday cleaning the pension. Like literally the entire day. On the plus side, I think we got most of the mold out of the kitchen and I can feel the Spirit better. It feels more like home. one thing Ive learned on the mission is how important cleanliness is for the spirit, and that little things like liquid hand soap and a hand towel are totally worth buying to make you feel more at home. 

And in other news, my shower this morning was back to freezing cold. I dont mean to be princessy or whiny, I just really struggle showering in freezing cold water when its cold outside. Not strong enough for it.
Sorry this letter is shorter, but I dont have much else new to say! Love you guys a ton, I´m so so thankful for eternal families.

Until next week!
-Hermana Rawlins

Whats that song about my heart will go on from titanic? Well picture me singing it and changing the words about virasoro <|3
one of the benefits of being in Paraguay... AMERICAN IMPORTS!! <3 <3 
My farewell night with R, the two M's, and their families
This is me and Hermana Anderson saying goodbye, making our "crying face". One time i was complaining about something and she was looking away so i sat their making this face until she turned around, saw me, and told me i was ridiculous. I told her i already knew that.

True blue, even in Argentina! This picture is on my list of 128 reasons why hermana anderson is the best companion ever. Trust me, I have a whole hilarious series of pictures like this. we think we're really cool. :)

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