Monday, May 5, 2014

Unknown Transfers

This week M got baptized!! It was seriously the easiest baptism ever, Hermana Anderson and I were both amazed. We literally didn´t do anything she was so prepared and the Spirit took care of everything. She didn´t have any large problems inhibiting her, and the problems she did have she took care of herself and then told us about it later. When we started teaching we set a baptismal date, she came to church three times, and met that goal of a date, actually even the day before. Seriously miraculous. But actually not really, because she´s a really good example to me of if we want to do something, we can have the power to do it. It´s as simple as that. Often we overcomplicate everything. She wanted to learn more about the church because her friend marina was always so happy and animated, she listened to us, came to church, and had the faith to pray sincerely and receive a simple answer in the form of a feeling of peace. So she got baptized. As simple as that. She´s super great, and apparently I look familiar to her but we have no idea why. She has 4 adorable little girls who are my new best friends. So that´s M! Plain, simple faith. 
Love you guys a ton and I´ll get to talk to you this week!!! I´m super pumped, and trust that it will work out!
hermana rawlins

Questions from the family:

Do you know about transfers? Or mothers day? :) Elisa and I were wondering if a Google Plus "Hangout" would be best to have everyone on screen at the same time but we don't know if that's even a possibility for you to use it....
noooo sorry I don´t know about either! We´re waiting for the call about transfers. And therefore I have no plans for mother´s day. I think if I´m in a new area I´ll be able to hop on to a computer at some point to let you guys know, just plan for sometime Sunday afternoon my time. That´s a horrible estimation I´m so sorry. Google plus works great, but only once you´ve downloaded the plugin on the computer you´re using and I´ve had problems downloading it before. Plus I think we only have permission for skype.
I´m waiting to get the call from the zone leaders if we´re changing, but my email from President Lapierre says "When Im writing this (5 days ago) I don´t know what will happen in Virasoro. If there is a change, know that you have made a wonderful contribution there."
So that´s all I´m working from now. ahhhhh
How are you and Hermana Anderson working together? 
so so super good, and we´re both really sad about the cambio (because we feel like we´ll change) 
As a DearElder update, there´s been some confusion. DearElder works to send me letters here, IF you select "Argentina Posadas Mission" in the pouch. If you send it to my old MTC address I never get it.
The official best picture of the Amanda bus ever. Am I obsessed with this? yes, just a little. con razon.

M at her baptism

This transfer summed up in one picture. We were waiting for a collectivo at like 5 o clock in the morning one morning, as we travel a lot since Hermana Anderson is STL. The Elders had told us to be there at 4:45 to catch it on time, and then we got there and were told it left at 5:30. (also typical to be misinformed by the Elders and left to figure it out for ourselves :). So we sat there in the brisk early morning and Hna Anderson was dying because it was "freezing". That´s what happens when you´re from Arizona. She walks around when it´s like 60 with gloves on it´s hilarious. but it actually was pretty cold that morning. So then we bought chipa (warm, cheesy bread). Also typical.
Life with us is fun. 

Since I almost never have time to type out cool spiritual experiences or thoughts, I thought I would send something along in this form. They´re pictures of my notebook from something I did during personal study this week. I wrote out the lyrics and some thoughts. 

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