Saturday, October 12, 2013

She's off!!

Amanda flew out from Philadelphia early Tuesday morning after lots of hugs and tears from the family here.

She was able to spend Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning with her grandparents and twin sister in Utah before reporting to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) for six weeks before heading down to Argentina.

Though we've all cried and still will when we miss her, we know she is serving the Lord Jesus Christ and sharing His love and His gospel with the people of Argentina and Paraguay. We know that He will protect her and watch over her while she is far away from us. She is doing His work and will be in His care.

On a lighter note, before leaving, Amanda had me sign a contract regarding use of her blog and Facebook. For your reference (and amusement) below are some of my instructions.
  • It is up to Emily's discretion to edit out or explain certain parts of each email. Amanda would like the blog to be honest, but also for people to still like her when she gets back. 
  • If Emily does make comments, please make sure they are distinguishable. (My words /edits will be in green)
  • Emily is welcome to post things not directly related to an email from Amanda, but still relevant. For example, pictures from a wedding with Amanda's head on a popsicle stick, selections of hand-written letters Amanda sends, pictures and stories from skyping, etc.
  • All first names MUST be shortened to one initial for privacy. This is church policy. (ex: Pedro is referred to in all blog posts as P)  However, this is not necessary for companion's last names.
  • Links to Amanda's blog are to be posted occasionally to Amanda's facebook. However, Amanda thinks every week is annoying. She suggests every other week, unless something super exciting happens
  • I would also like to add that Emily is under no obligation to translate any Spanish Amanda may use in her letters because that would be a disaster for everyone
And most importantly,
  • Emily is the best sister ever for loving Amanda enough to upkeep her missionary blog for 18 straight months. 

You’re welcome to comment here and on her Facebook in response to her letters. She will not see those comments, but if you say something like “Tell Amanda…” then I’ll do my best to put it in my emails to her.

She loves you all and appreciates all your thoughts and prayers.
 - Emily 

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