Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My vacation in Asuncion!!


So Monday night after I signed off we got on a collectivo and headed to Encarnacion! It was as crazy as traveling in paraguay always is, the best part being one of the sister getting car sick and throwing up out the window of the collectivo as we sped along the road. And then the attendant dude who was in charge of taking care of the cabin while the driver drives, he was drunk and didnt help us. hahaha. 
Then Tuesday we had the conference with President which was just super good as always.
Then we travelled all night again and made it to Asuncion!!!
It was so super fun to be there, I felt like we were on vacation :) We waited a while for our paperwork, got to buy some things, ate at Pizza Hut (America!!), and then went and took pictures in front of the temple, bought things at the bookstore (again, better than christmas. I was so happy.) And then were on a collectivo again forever back to P!

Then Thursday it randomly got ridiculously cold, after having been ridiculously hot in Asuncion the day before. Ive decided that I actually prefer wet cold to the dry cold. Wet cold is just like a permanent bone chill, where as the cold back home is more biting. Since theres part of our pension that doesnt have a real roof (its like a balcony thing) and our windows just have wooden shutters and the other window is just a fancy concrete hole... it gets pretty cold inside. About the same as outside haha. We shut ourselves in our room with a little space heater and make a lot of hot chocolate. On the plus side, all the mosquitoes are dead!!

Then life was normal mission stuff. On Sunday I sang a musical number acapella with Hna Gunter, the other American here, and then afterward a little girl came up to me and told me I looked like Barbie during it. I wasnt sure if I should be pleased or not :) On that note, I want to share a random note about music. Today we were at a members house and they showed me a youtube video where an orchestra joins one by one until theyre all playing together in some street, I think in europe. I legit cried. I love music, have a strong testimony of it, and miss it so much. I didnt realize how much I missed it until I watched that clip and totally got overwhelmed. I am sure that music is algo de los cielos, something of the heavens. Something from the heavens. 
Dad mentioned about thanking Sister Hansen (Amanda’s piano teacher back at home) recently and I wanted to too, to thank her and tell her that for her efforts, music is bringing the spirit to the people here in Paraguay. 

My other random note for you guys is about what I´m learning here in P. Things are hard here, but things are good. Here are my thoughts for the week.

Hope does not depend on circumstance. "Hope and happiness and joy are not products of circumstance but of faith on the Lord". 
Happiness is what the Lord intends for us.

Questions from the Family:

Are the mosquitoes consistently bad or do they depend on the day? 
no theyre not bad because they all died! (it got cold)

How was the trip to the temple? And the bookstore? 
so fun! The bookstore was probably the best part, I legit almost cried being there. like 100% better than Christmas, not even kidding. I felt at home, and it was the closest I could get to that feeling in the temple.

important good news: I got a package from g and g rowe this week! Thanks so much! Also letters from my visiting teachers, Emily, and Amanda Hangeland. Love you all!!

important bad news: Argentina is changing their policy again and the mission has to get stricter about packages. So starting at the end of the month I´ll only be allowed to get two packages per year. Packages count as anything that is not in a normal letter envelope, so including bubble envelopes and the like. So no more of that. I can get two this year and two next year. If something has been postmarked from before the end of the month the mission will take the hit but after that envelopes count just as much as packages as boxes count as packages. But as many letters as you want!

love you all so much, and pray for you every day! Thank you for all being so amazing and so wonderful!
lots of love,
Hermana Rawlins :)
me and MCDONALDS!!! yaaaayy

typical missionary pic

I love to see the temple, I wish I could have gone inside! (singing)

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