Monday, January 27, 2014

Prayers are answered!

Hello family!
I´m writing earlier today because we´re going to catch a collectivo to Santa Tome and spend the pday there with the district! We´re going to the puente to Brazil, meaning we´re going to the bridge at the border and apparently there are shops and stuff there, so I´m pretty excited about that! It should be fun to see.
So I should probably be careful from now on with what I ask you guys to pray for, because literally everything I say (my health, the fridge, etc) is resolved within a day. Our air conditioning was installed on Tuesday morning, and then the Hermana Gonzalez randomly asked the guy if he could fix fridges too and he was like sure! So our fridge was fixed on Wednesday morning and I found it rather miraculous. We celebrated by moving our mattresses onto the floor directly below the air conditioning and have slept there every night since haha. It´s now official that we have the best pension in the mission because it´s so nice so every living condition I have after virasoro will be downhill from here. 

Also funny story, this week on Thursday Hermana Gonzalez and I were talking about how we haven´t had milanesa in awhile and we´d like some with cheese and tomatoe on top, and then the member we went to on Friday served us milanesa with cheese and tomatoe on top and we were like YES. So then during the lunch the member asked me what I like and I said I like pollo y papas (chicken and potatoes) and then we went to the Moraga´s on Saturday for lunch and they served really good chicken and potatoes and I was like this is really funny so I thought in my head, mostly as a joke, I´d like empanadas tomorrow and then the member who brings lunch to church for us and we take it home gave us empanadas. Heaven takes care of me, and also has a sense of humor :)

Questions from the family:

so first of all, how's this week been?
This week has been really good! I don´t have anything specific to share that I can think of, sorry! It was nice and fresco, almost cold, on Saturday which was a nice break. Also this week I attempted to make lemon bars for Hermana Moraga´s birthday, and considering I had no measuring cups or anything and just guessed and then used a gas stove, they were semi-decent. But no one here knew the difference so they told me they were good :)

how do you wash your clothes?
Hermana Moraga is an angel and washes them for us. 
Well that´s about all I can think of for now, sorry it was early and you guys didn´t have much time to write me! Didn´t realize it would throw you off :) 
I love you guys a ton and pray for you always!!
love, Hermana Rawlins
Yes I know I´ve gained weight though I think it looks worse than it actually is in those pictures.

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