Monday, January 20, 2014

Divisiones and New Boots

yay Emily´s mission call wooot!!! I´m so so happy for her and it all looks so exciting!! yay yay! It´s gonna be waay sweet to be serving alongside of her and Emily you rock!

So this week was pretty good for the most part, I had divisiones with the hermana lider capacitadora (I have no idea how to spell that sorry) so that was nice because she was nice. At the end I asked her "como estoy como una misionera?" and she said "muy bueno, va a entrainar este cambio" and I was like ...oh gosh. Within the next three cambios 30 missionaries are coming, and only FOUR of them are Elders. Soo yeah. Crazy!!!! I´m kinda freaked out about that because I´m still not confident with knowing what I´m doing, let alone in Spanish, but I also have peace knowing that if I´m asked to do it it means The Lord believes in me. So that´s that. 

Also we´re close enough here to Brazil that carnivale happens here as well, so that will be rather interesting sometime in February. They go right down mainstreet, which is naturally exactly where we live. Our balcony and window have a great view of mainstreet, so those days we´ll likely be hiding inside hahaha. 

I bought boots this week finally! There´s a picture of me with them. They´re nice and were only 115 pesos so I was pretty happy about that :)

Well I´m sorry this letter seems to be really lame. Nothing quite as good as J. and the frog happened this week, but I promise I´m not as down as this letter sounds. I really am doing well! :)

I´ve been thinking this week about how this really is His work. He´s been doing it since the beginning of the world, and He´s just glad we´re trying to help. I´m learning and praying to focus on what I CAN do and not what I can´t, and when I do I´m really happy being able to serve other people, even in simple ways.
love you all a ton!

-hermana rawlins

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