Friday, October 18, 2013

Learning and Laughing

Hello family!

It sounds like you guys are all doing so well! Elisa asked if I get dear elder's ( letters) on the same day. It depends. They're not delivered over the weekends, and I only get mail when my district leader checks it. Which is after lunch & dinner, but dear elders basically only show up in the mailboxes for his dinnertime check. And sometimes he forgets, like I don't think he checked yesterday. So long story short I'll usually get them the night you mail them. I have like zero time to write letters so sorry for lumping all you into a mass letter but I figure it's better than nothing!

Dad, Sunday was the best! The devotional speaker was Brother Heaton, the administrative director of the MTC and he talked all about the Holy Ghost. And choir is the greatest. Yesterday we sang for Elder Oaks!! Hna. Zapata's understands pretty much everything but has a hard time forming sentences like me. But we make a pretty good team because she knows what's going on and I have a better memorized vocab so we help each other out. I love her so much! Teaching together in Spanish is scary but we manage with the Spirit. It's so amazing to see that working. It doesn't make us perfect speakers (darn) but we are given what to say in the moment, enough to get the message across.

The first time we taught I got stuck trying to say "remember how you feel when you pray" and then all of a sudden I was saying "what is in your heart when you pray". So that's how the Spirit's been working for me, breaking things down into simpler ideas. We really like singing to our investigator (she's really our teacher just getting to know us through our teaching), so we've done that a few times & it really brings the Spirit. Music is the best!

The devotional from Elder Oaks was amazing! Sister Oaks spoke first and she said, "It is your time. It is your test, and it will be your triumph." She also said to keep our promises & find the people we promised to find before we came here. Then Elder Oaks spoke & it was actually really interesting what he spoke about. He identified 3 things that make this church the only true & living church on earth. Because Christ has given us:
1. The fullness of His doctrine
2. The power of His priesthood
3. Our unique testimony of Christ.

He said that the declaration from God during the First Vision condemned the creeds of other religions but NOT their faithful seekers. God has given us nothing that should make us arrogant or superior to other churches. But we do have the fullness of Christ’s doctrine, and this church is LIVING because of a prophet who continues to communicate with the Lord. So our invitation is “come & see how we can add to your truth.”

NOOO I just found out that Hna. Zapata got her visa & is leaving on Tues. Estámos muy tristes. It’s amazing how much you can love someone after only knowing them for a week. To do Anne of Green Gables proud, we’re definitely kindred spirits. I’m going to miss her a ton. Today we taught a lesson & she wanted to start with a joke, so she tried & accidentally asked the investigator “Why did you die?” We laughed for like 5 minutes with the investigator before we could finally keep a straight face to say the opening prayer. It feels good to not take yourself too seriously. 

Oh Alli I really hope you’re saving these letters because I want them when I’m back por favor. It’s pretty much write you guys letters or write in my journal so in an effort to keep you updated my journal is lacking. It’s actually really hard to find time to write letters & still be invested in the work, so please be patient with me!

Yes Mom, my schedule is very full! During gym time me & the hermanas like to go out to the field & play fútbol, or when the field’s frozen sand volleyball, which is actually pretty funny when it’s freezing. We also like to go to the indoor gym & play volleyball with the guys in our district. All of the sisters in my district are in the same dorm room, but it’s not too bad crowded-wise. We’re basically never in our room except to sleep. I should ask you guys to pray for things more often, because I’m feeling so much better! íGracias!  I have tons to study so I’m going to go but I love you all mucho! I miss you guys but I know I’m exactly where I need to be and I love it!

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Rawlins

P.S. Pray for me as Hna. Zapata leaves because I really don’t want to be in a trio but I will be. 

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