Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What would you think of an eagle who walks all the time?

Things are good! I had already been in the Lavalle a few times for divisiones. Its not very city-like, its just like a normal neighborhood here like I'm used to which is nice. I would die in the city and I think God knows that. But we're close to the office which means I get mail pretty fast haha :) 
I don't really know how to answer a lot of your questions because to be honest this week wasn't very busy. My companions having knee problems and cant really walk so we spent almost the majority of the week going to doctors appointments and resting in the pension. I wont complain, because I finally got my journal caught up to January. (it was in December) hooray! And I also have a goal of finishing the book of mormon before I get home, and I just barely started alma haha so I'm using the extra time to do that. The problem about it all is that in 1 week I'm supposed to know everything about the area and be able to teach a new comp. But I'm trying not to stress about that, The Lord must know that my best will be enough for Him, and my companion already feels bad enough about it as it as so I try not to make her feel any worse. She would kill herself working if I would let her. :) She's the best and honestly I feel really blessed to even be with her for 2 weeks and  just get to talk and learn from her. She's a really good friend already :) 
I have some funny pictures from the doctors appointments we went to but this computer is sketchy so I'll send them next week. 

Shout out to Elder Robert's mom! :)

Being in the ward is fun! There were like 80 people in church yesterday which was the most I've seen in awhile, and we have a bishop auxiliary organizations that mostly function!! Yesterday I loved church and learned a lot and it felt good to leave edified and not stressed haha :) s'all good :) 
I've learned on the mission that happiness is in everyday moments, and I''m enjoying many of those and many butterflies so all is well :)
Since I don't have anything particularly exciting to share this week, I thought I'd share a spiritual thought since those are always good.
A while ago President asked me a question that came back into my mind as I was feeling a little overwhelmed one night this week.
 "What would you think of an eagle who walks all the time?" 
We are all eagle's, and our divine potential is to fly. We get comfortable in our circumstances, in the nest, and perhaps convince ourselves that we're fine just walking around. Asi no mas. But The Lord intends for us to fly, and often will push us out of our nest. When that happens we can recognize the opportunity for growth, take the strokes we can (is that what its called when a bird flies??") and trust that He will catch us or give us the strength to fly. 
I had that written out better but theres no time to type it haha :)
love you all!!
-Hermana Rawlins

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