Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Last Transfer?

6 WEEKS?!?!?!? What is this people?!?!

Questions from the Family:

You still didn't tell us much about your companion!  What's her name? 
While now she's not my companion anymore haha. Hermana Primo! She's from Peru, and is headed back there tomorrow, woot!

Have you been able to get out in your area much this week?
ahh... not really

I guess transfers are this week, do you know your new companion?
yup, her name's Hermana Averett!! I was her HLC last transfer, she's in some of the pics I sent home!

How did it go this past week with your companion's healing and trying to learn the area?
While she's feeling better and I probably wont get too lost.

What was the shoutout to Elder Roberts' mom?
hahaha that was an experiment. I've discovered that a surprising amount of people read my blog. Like all of the American hermanas who come have read it, and lots of peoples moms are reading it (hey guys!!) Elder Roberts is in my zone now and he told me his mom told him that my blog said that I was sad to leave Paraguay. (did you follow that? :) so we decided to put a shoutout in my email and see if she'd notice haha :) 

Do you hear anything about E?
YES!!!! E got baptized on Valentines day in the Parana River!!! I was so happy when I found out that it went through and also sad that I missed his river baptism. maybe I cried a little.
Other item of business: No one kill me, but I do not remember Issac's birthday (Isaac is Amanda's nephew). Considering the child was born while I was gone.... I do not consider myself obligated to remember the exact date of his birth. But someone should tell me so I dont feel bad for missing it.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISSAC!!!! (just in case)
Also this week the office started the process of flight plans I believe, I put mom's email on the address cause its the only one I remember and the home phone. Do we still have a home phone?? haha
Today is cambios!!! I'm staying in LaValle (surprise!) and my new companion is Hermana Averett!! She was in La Paloma when I was in Saltos so I know her and everything and now she's gonna be the one to kill me! (mission slang, not really haha) I wish I had been there in Saltos when they read that transfer to everyone! I bet the reactions were pretty funny cause we were just together 2 weeks ago haha. 
Also in the cambios they're taking the Hermanas out of Virasoro!!! I'm so sad! there just aren't enough Hermanas coming in and a ton going home so a lot of areas are being closed. But I feel blessed to have been there while the hermanas were there. Royhaihu Virasoro.
I have really found comfort and guidance in the Book of Mormon this week. I love it so much. I was gonna write down the verse is particular but then I forgot, sorry.
But I liked this quote Emily sent me a few weeks ago.

"I pray that on your mission you will have many moments of complete and overwhelming and even anguishing desperation. Why? Because then, and only then, will you desperately ask, desperately seek and desperately knock. Then, and only then, will you find the courage and determination to follow through with exactness everything the Lord needs you to do in order to serve a valiant vibrant, worthy and very successful mission for Him."
Sister Nelson 

It is very true that sometimes the Lord is the only one you can turn to. And He is always there.
love youu!!
hermana rawlins

me and hermana primo at the physical therapist :) 
the most crooked zone picture ever
sister missionary parties are the best kind 
duomo, the best icecream place in the world, does at home delivery here. Its the best thing ever 
me and hermana primo!

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