Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Anyone who knows what that word means in spanish will know immediately how my 2015 has started out... louse-y. 

(okay can we just stop for a sec and talk about how witty that is?? I'll be here all night :)

Questions from the family: 

Remind us when transfers are?
Transfers are next week, and I'm pretty nervous!! I reeeally dont want to leave Saltos. It will break my heart. We finally have really good people to teach, after a lot of work, and I dont want to leave it behind just yet. i'm not done with it all! But yesterday during fast and testimony meeting I felt a nudge to go up and leave my testimony with them, and I was like noooo, but I did. In guarani :) (pues, michimi). I'm torn because I've reeeally felt like I'll stay (I want to stay and train) but have been praying to just be prepared for the Lord's will and that was the first impression i had felt that i would be going. Noo!!

And E sounds awesome!  How are things going with him?
He is just the best. This week, after struggling with it a little, he told us he believes the book of mormon is true. YESSSSS!!!!!!

Happy New Year 2015!!!! I cant believe its 2015. I remember last new years, thinking about the whole year stretching in front of me and saying to myself "i'm gonna be a missionary EVERY DAY this year. How the heck am I gonna have the strength to do that??". Well, we managed. 
and by that I mean, God is gracious and gave me the ability to. 

No one technically invited us to new years eve so we invited ourselves in on the elder's invite and spent the night with a really fun family, complete with fireworks and asado and sparking cider. And then some more fireworks. Then new years day we had zone meeting and then had our pday all day with the zone, which was really fun!! Probably the best parts were that we went to one of the stores full of imports and bought the stuff for smores, which tasted sooo good and the latinos loved them, and a rather hilarious ping pong tournament. I stink at ping pong guys. 

Then Hermana Nethercott decided to ring in the new year with a nice case of... lice!!! yaaayy!!!! We're so excited about this. 
Heres the best part (and the reason I have permission to tell you guys)... she told me like 2 weeks ago that she thought she had lice, and I told her, quote "no you're just freaking yourself out about it, its all in your head.". Well, turns out... its all ON her head. oops.
And i received the lovely privilege of spending multiple hour and a half sessions cleaning off her head. This is a new level of discipleship for me, one I wasn't expecting to achieve on the mission.
 On the plus side, I now have quite the technique for any future cases with my kids. Mom points.
We basically destroyed our apartment cleaning everything out and yes, mom, I'm using lice shampoo too as a preventive measure. Happy New year!! hahahaha. my life.

So today I'm in encarnacion again because we have consejo tomorrow. I'm excited!! Aaand, thats about all my news for this week. Oh, we also found a teenager named J who is ssuuuper awesome too, so if you want to pray for him thatd be great.
I'm loving the work and killing the lice!! That was one of our companionship goals this week :)

love you all!!
-Hermana Rawlins

p.s. sorry no pictures this week, I forgot my card reader!

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