Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heat and Butterflies

Questions from the family: 

Can you believe It's already mid January?! 
NO I cannot. this is absolute craziness.

I love that picture of the owls!  You are so close to them.  How's the taming going?
well, this week it may have almost attacked us cause we caught it off guard. so not that well. We walked up to the house and kind of cornered it in the garage part without realizing it, and both us and the owl all of a sudden stopped frozen in our places. then hermana nethercott goes "...I dont like scared animals, they do crazy things". so we quickly backed away haha

This week has been good!!
We continue to teach E and he continues to be awesome. This week we went with a member and taught the law of chastity, and then at the end of the lesson he asked "so when are you guys gonna teach me about tithing, thats a commandment too!". we were like... well that was the plan for next lesson but since you asked, here's that too! haha

Are you guys still praying for the Familia Gomez?? Please keep it up!! This week I was praying about cambios and I got the impression, "you are still in saltos because the familia gomez still needs you." I love them a ton!

also this week, Hermana gunter finished her mission and her family came to pick her up and they came to saltos to visit! It was really cute, and also really weird to see an american family. It made us all miss america just a little. But we went to young womens with her 15 year old sister and I translated in her ear the whole time so she would understand, and it just made me miss Kayla!! I was like, dang it, I wanna be in young womens again and hang out with my little sister!! So kayla, lets hang out after. Deal? we can speak spanish. hahaha :)

Also, it is SO HOT. Oh my goodness. It can get up to 100 easy, and then plus the humidity. Sometimes I just feel like I'm dying. Its one thing to be christlike. And its another to be christlike when you're hot and sweaty. It honestly like emotionally effects me its so hot. That is one thing i will not miss about Paraguay. also, it really makes me miss swimming. All I want to do is jump in a pool!! that will be one of the first things I do back home. 
Today after zone meeting we had water balloons and threw them around, which just turned into a zone war with everyone taking buckets from the cleaning closets and pots from the kitchen and throwing water on each other. It was probably one of the funnest things I've done in awhile, and it felt sooo good. 
But funny story, the other night it thunderstormed and cooled off (hallejulah) and hermana nethercott and I were walking home going, "wow, its really cold tonight! I like almost want a jacket!" and hermana nethercott was like shivering and my heart was skipping a little like it does when I get cold and then we walked past a thermometer and did the farenheit conversion and it was 73 degrees. hahahahahaha. 

Have you guys been watching for the butterflies?? I have been! :) And they are always there. Always. (See Amanda's previous post about butterflies) I've been stressed lately just about a few things, and the butterflies have always been here to help me. Just right when I need them. Ive also started a collection of butterfly wings that we find. But sometimes I get used to them, and I start to pay attention to them a little less than I should. 
well this week, God smacked me in the face with them. Literally. We were sitting down to eat lunch at the Gomez house and a butterfly was swooping around us so I stuck out my hand to try to catch it, and it literally flew into my face and smacked me right in the forehead. I got the message. :) 
Then today, I got a present from Hermana Torres, I opened it up, and it was a box full of butterfly wings she had collected and sent to me. I was so touched.
 God loves each of us, and manifests that love in many different ways. He will even send us boxes of butterfly wings. :)

love you all,
Hermana rawlins

my box of butterfly wings 
obviously we're the best companionship ever
its so hot we fried an egg outside. I'm not really sure if it fried or just kind of dried out, but something happened to it for sure
these are some little boys from the branch who just moved far away this week. I'm gonna miss them!

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