Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miracles Are Little Things

I’m glad my Spanish didn’t make you cry because it was so bad! I’m sure I speak like a gringo, but I don’t get much practice!
actually, I was suprised at your (Amanda's dad's) accent!! You still say "vamo" instead of "vamos" which is pretty chilean!! :) I was impressed :)
Hey just one thing you guys could do for me as a favor... is not put spaces, like enter spaces, in your letters. Its not a huge deal I just always end up deleting all of them to save paper when I print, and it would save me like an extra 5 minutes. So if you can, that would be nice. If not, no one will die :)
So this weeks been good!!
I usually like think of a few things to write you guys before hand and write them in my agenda... well today I forgot to do that. So sorry if this letter is sort of lacking.
Its just been our normal, busy week!!
I've started a hand of the Lord journal that I really love and its awesome to see the way I'm being blessed in the little tiny things each day. Like butterflies. :) So I hardly ever have anything huge or miraculous to share, and am running pretty dry today. But its really been an awesome week. Some of the highlights were that we had a family night with a less active part member family where the dad has been really hostile to the church before. Well we convinced them to let us have a family night together and prayed a ton that the dad would be there and participate, and he did! We had a really fun time with them and taught about the restoration in a really fun way that was totally inspired. Me and hermana nethercott were really impressed that we even thought of the fun lesson, because neither of us consider ourselves very creative. miracles :) It involved jenga and chocolate, which is a win win situation no matter what :)
Also this week we met J and A, who are AWESOME. Lots of prayers for them please!! They are just totally ready for the góspel and its a total miracle we found them, cause they were just gonna sit inside but on a whim went outside by the road to drink terere and then we walked by and we were late for something but when we walked by I just felt the tiniest twinge to talk to them and literally almost kept walking but by some miracle took two steps back and started a conversation. They are an awesome, young, strong couple who are looking for peace and belonging in their life and the Restoration makes perfect sense to them. They are super stoked to come to church and yesterday when we taught about the Book of Mormon, J goes "cool, I'd always wondered why the Bible doesn't talk about the Americas, because obviously our ancestors were living here before! i just never understood why they werent included in the bible!"
I think my mouth honestly hung open a little. No one EVER gets it like that!! Hooray for miracles :)
Questions from the family: 

How is your health?
pretty normal, I'm on the meds and nothing exciting has happened. My hair is still falling out at a nice rate though.
We figured Hermana Anderson is home now, right?
Yup. She's home!!! I didnt get to see her before she went but thought about her tons as we had cambios and she left!

I just think it's interesting that you're comps with another twin. Does that make it even easier to get along and be friends? Cause you're both chill about always living with someone?
I would say so, but not like dramatically so. I dunno, because I dont know what getting along with Hermana Nethercott would be like if she werent a twin! But it is really easy to get along with her. We just sort of go together really well. And I think we're both enjoying talking about our twin antics. Like the other day she told me she called her twin "pookie" too, and I died. We also talk a lot about all the stupid questions people ask twins. But at the end of a mission, you've just like spent so much time with some many girls 24/7... thats its like always being a twin anyway. So I dunno. But it is true that Hermana Nethercott is really easy to get along with, its like natural whereas with other companions you really have to try sometimes :)

Also dad asked about Christmas plans, which is weird for me cause it still feels like totally NOT christmas. I have problems feeling Christmasy down here. Anways, I think I'll most likely be skyping like early afternoonish time. Is that fine with you guys? We only have one hour of time difference between us and I figured with Em's time difference she'd probably skype more later in the day. 

aaaand so ends my really weird letter for this week. 
OH just kidding, I forgot other news!! This week there were emergency transfers in the zone and the other companionship of sisters got switched up and the HLC left, so the Zone leaders called me and told me that now I'm HLC! whiiich... is fine. I'm nervous to be the HLC all by myself and not with a companion, but I'll just do what I can, which is all the Lord expects!!

and now ends my letter. I'll try to think of something vaguely interesting for next week :)

love you all a ton!!

Hermana Rawlins
p.s. we're talking about flight plans?!? seriously?! :O

we really want to put another sign under this that says "y el libro de mormon también" :)
here is me and another little kitten
this was our zone before the cambios 
 heres me and some bananas
hey mom, look what I found! 
heres a cool sun

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