Thursday, December 18, 2014


I totally cant believe we'll talk in 10 days. Christmas is in 10 days?? Seriously??

okay first, I laughed so hard about Elisa and William teaching Issac (Amanda's nephew) how to say Obama. And then I told my companion and the Elders and they were all dying too. So so funny. Hows that going??

This week was good!! One of the highlights was when we taught Y, a teenage girl who when we asked her if she had any questions for God she said "I'm just wondering like what I'm doing here?? Why are we here and where do we go after and what do we have to do here in life??" And we asked her "what would you say if we told we can teach you all the answers to your questions?" And she was like "wait... seriously??" And we were like "yeah, really!!" And taught her about the plan of salvation and she was sooo interested and excited it was awesome. 

Right now I am in Encarnacion because Hermana Nethercott had tramites in Argentina again so this time I'm hanging out with Hermana Mann!! We started in the same district, Do you remember that one time a long time ago when I had to do divisions in Santo Tome right when I was new and she was too? And we couldnt believe we survived? Well now we're back together again :) and feeling a lot more comfortable in south america haha. Shes the greatest. 
Then like tonight or tomorrow we'll be headed back, we have the branch christmas dinner on Wednesday night (maybe this year we'll actually get food :) and then on Thursday we have our Christmas devotional with President LaPierre!! 
Did you guys know that as a mission we can never have mission conferences because its literally impossible for all of us to travel there with collectivos and passports and living accomadations and everything, so everytime we do something there has to be 4 different meetings. Have I told you this? One in Encarnacion, one in Cuidad del Este, one in Iguazu, and one in Posadas. Anyway, thats why mine's so early before christmas. I'm pumped, hopefully it will feel like Christmas and its at night so we're gonna have a christmas dinner together and everything. We'll be traveling Thursday morning to go and then going back Friday morning I think. 

I was totally expecting Christmas to not really feel llike Christmas this year because I already lived it once, but its Hermana Nethercotts first time so she was all excited and now not so much. So we were talking about what we could do to make it special and we decided to take turns doing nightly christmas devotionals every night by candlelight. Well, we havent found a candle, so by flashlight, but still :) Its nice, I like it. 

aaand thats about all I've got for this week. My christmas skype plans remain the same, sometimes after lunch like early afternoon time. The elders are checking the web cam on the church computer today to make sure it works. 

oh also, I just want to say that I LOVE morrisville ward. Seriously so much. I've been praying that the people around you guys would make this Christmas special for you, and well the morrisville ward as a whole never fails to answer prayers. So thank you all, you who are doing something for my family. I love you all so much.

Hermana Rawlins
me and hermana mann :)

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