Monday, December 1, 2014

An Un-Thanksgiving-Like Week

Question from the family:

What did you find out from the doctor?
So I finally heard the results on Thursday night and they said that the thyroid test came back normal, so that the doctor wants me to take low doses of a prescription for a few weeks to see if that will kickstart my hormones again. I don't entirely understand the chemistry of it and I wish someone would explain it to me or I could study it, because I am less than excited about that. But whatever, I'll do it. Assuming that is, that I can actually find the meds here cause I went looking for them and havent had success yet. We'll see what happens.
okay, LOVED the video you guys sent me!!! Super funny. Best part was dad saying "now we all know how awkward it is to sit in front of a camera and think of what to say". hahahaha :) my life. Also, Dad's spanish made me cry. (out of happiness and love, not because it was bad or anything. it was really good :). And this time I actually understand you!! Very different from our summer at lexicón :)
this week was nice in that we actually spent all of it in our área! So we could really get down and work and we got a lot of nice results. Besides that, it was totally just a normal week. As you can see, our thanksgiving celebration was a hersheys bar. Also we made a few hand turkeys.
Another highlight of this week was that an Elder from the branch came home! He's actually the first missionary the branch has sent out here, and its awesome to have him back. He's pretty cool. But it also made me realize just how weird it is going to be going back to real life. Heaven help me. Maybe I will just stay here. :) I think it must be one of the most awkward things in the world. Also, he served in Brazil so he speaks this hilarious mixture of spanish and portguese that I find highly amusing.
Then Sunday was also awesome because President LaPierre and Hermana LaPierre came up. They are really just the best and we never want them to leave whenever we are near them. After everyone left at church we were there with them and President LaPierre told us our cambios (transfers) early and said "nothing changes here, just keeping working the way you are".
Which is really an answer to prayer because hna nethercott and I have felt strongly like we still have work to do here and have been praying and asking for more time.
 And then when President shook my hand to leave he said "Is there anything I can do for you?" And I said, "Just leave me here, I've still got work to do." And President said. "Well, He did that. Make hay while the sun shines" :)
But I thought that was really interesting. A whole lesson in three words. HE did that. What President does really does come directly from God.
Well, thats about all I have interesting to share for the week. I never know what really to share from the work we're doing, so sorry if I dont share very much of that. Its just hard to explain or express in hastily typed words. But we really are doing missonary work here :)
I love you all so much!! After this transfer with Hermana Nethercott I only have 2 more left. What?!?!
lots of love,
Hermana Rawlins

p.s. SINCE WHEN IS KAYLA SO GORGEOUS?!?!?! (Kayla is Amanda's little sister) Seriously me and all the hermanas are sitting here dying. Hermana Nethercott's words were, "Dang, i was really ugly when I was 14!" I said "me too" :)

This is the Gomez family. I love them all SOOO much.
This was the extent of our thanksgiving celebrations. Honestly, everything day is like thanksgiving here based on the quantity of food they give us, so I was totally okay with just this hershey's bar
here is a picture of a spiders web.
this is how we made our english class interesting this past week. The Elders were suprised I knew so much :)
this is president lapierre, being awesome.

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