Monday, December 29, 2014

A Very Very Merry Christmas!

Okay it was so good to see you guys again!!! (Amanda got to skype us on Christmas!) You make me so happy and I just loved chatting and laughing with you!! thanks for putting up with how many times I obnoxiously say "chulinaaa". Its a habit I will probably never stop :) (click for explanation
That was totally the highlight of everything so I don't have much to say this week!! I'll just send some pictures to tell you about the week I think.
How are your investigators doing?
they're good! Its hard for me to tell you guys about the people here because I just feel like every time I tell you guys about someone, they stop talking to us or something bad happens, and I don't want you guys to get sad about that. Our best new investigator is named E, he is our 31 year old man neighbor who is AWESOME. He's been praying for direction and guidance because he wants to be "a son of God". and told us "well, I think He Heard me :)". Also he prayed "I want you to show me the truth... and I think you are already showing it to me. " He rocks.
this letter is tiny but I'll send along more pictures which tell better stories then me. :)
love you guys a ton!! Thanks for making me so so happy!! Family is everything. CHULINNAAAAA :D
Hermana Rawlins

random pic of us taking a shortcut through the campo 
"its a jungle out there"
this is a pic after one of our christmas devotionals. and hermana nethercott praying :)
this is me and F, one of my favorite little girls here, and Elder worthington photo bombing
this is a blurry picture of crazy Little kids throwing Fireworks around on christmas eve. I thought they were gonna hurt someone. when you picture christmas eve in paraguay, just think about the fourth of july. thats exactly what its like 
its not christmas eve without an asado
my christmas morning setup for hna nethercott (and me :)
we made cinnamon rolls for the elders. we're obviously their favorite people ever
christmas morning district meeting 
christmas night and more cinnamon rolls
then the christmas tree we made... broke. merry christmas!

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