Thursday, November 6, 2014

Road Trip Coming Up!

this week was a really good one!! and rather interesting at the same time.
It started out Tuesday morning when we woke up to realize that we had no water. like nothing. and it was HOT. And we both wanted to shower. So we went to district meeting looking pretty disgusting. Turns out they're doing some construction down the Street and like to turn the water off to do it. So we didnt have water until like Thursday, and resorted to showering at members houses and carrying around 2 liter bottles in our backpacks to fill up and take home with us. Nice :). Now we have water every night and they turn it off in the morning to work on the construction. Also during that period of time... we only sometimes had electricity. So that was fun. and really hot. 
BUT it really turned out into a miraculous week because we out of nowhere got like a ton of references from members (okay, like 6, but that's a lot for us...) and worked a ton and got a bunch of lessons with members (relatively speaking... it was eight. but still. a LOT) and we just ended up with one really awesome week with a lot of work and a lot of miracles. It was great. 
On Friday we celebrated Halloween in our English and music clases by the presence of two Hermana Nethercotts. It was super purete. (I'm so sorry, I really struggle to just speak one language. Any guesses what language that word is from?)
Another highlight of the week was the classes we do every Sunday afternoon for the youth. We call it CCM´i, which is Spanish with the guaraní word for "little" at the end. Its really fun, and this week we gave them all mission calls!! It was fun to see their reactions. One girl got called to Ukraine and after that she said "ay I dont want to read anymore" hahaha. Then we showed them a real missión call and talked about how they would feel to prepare themselves and get the REAL thing. I love being with the youth and helping them see just how important serving a misión really is.
Another cool part of the week, since I seem to hardly ever share anything spiritual, was a lesson we had with a history professor. We taught him about the Restoration and gave him a book of mormon and he was like, "wow, this makes sense! The indigenous people in the Americas always had a remarkable sense of wrong and right that no one knew where it came from! But if Christ visited them and taught them, well that would obviously be where it came from!" and in my head I was like "oh really? huh, thats cool. didnt know that." 
But sometimes when you're a missionary, at least for me, you just get these moments where all of a sudden the words coming out of your mouth arent your own words. Its as if the Spirit all of a sudden turns on the "power and authority" switch and its different than what you just normally say. Anyway, so what came out of my mouth was "Sí, porque Dios es lo mismo hoy, ayer, y para siempre. Él siempre ha enseñado Su Evangelio. Lo enseñó en los tiempos antiguos,  lo enseñó durante su vida y a las Americas, y ahora está otra vez en la tierra." 
"Yes, because God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. He has ALWAYS taught his Gospel. He taught it in ancient times, he taught it during his lifetime and to the Americas, and now it is here again on the earth." (here's hoping my Spanish is actually grammatically correct...)
Its the Little moments where things just click that keep you going as a missionary, through all the moments when things just... dont click. :)
Well, thats about it for this week! I'm doing really well and am happy :) We're in for a pretty interesing week cause yesterday the office called and apparently Hermana Nethercott has tramites... in Corrientes, Argentina. That's really far away from Saltos. Its not even in the mission. So we're gonna travel all day tomorrow to make it to Encarnación in the evening, then I'm not sure if I´ll stay and do divisions in Encarnación, or if I'll get to travel with her to Corrientes (I'm rooting for Corrientes), and who knows when we'll end up back in Saltos. Pray for our safety along the road! Cause thats probably all we'll be doing all week :)
Love you guys so much!!!
-Hermana Rawlins :)

this is Halloween in Paraguay
anybody want chicken for dinner?
the two Hermana Nethercott's that showed up for English class on Halloween :)

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