Monday, November 24, 2014

Lots of time on the Colectivo!

So its been a busy week!
We left early Tuesday morning, and were on the colectivo all day. Literally. Hermana Nethercott spent the WHOLE time sleeping, well I took lots of pictures of her sleeping. But she's not letting me send you any of them, which is a shame. They're pretty funny. :)
Then we made it to Encarnación and it was kind of fun to be back. We went to my favorite Little shake place there and then found all of the missionaries in the terminal coming back from consejo. So I got to see Hermana tapia again, and all of my other friends! Yay!
Then I went with Hermana Rayo who is in Encarnación and hermana nethercott crossed over and went to Corrientes for tramites.
I didnt want to do divisions, until I found out it was with Hermana Rayo, and then I was like YES lets go!! She's awesome. She's from Nicaragua and is actually the best friend of Hermana Gonzalez, my trainer. Like they were best friends at home and then they got their calls to the same misión and left on the same day. Cool right??
So being with her totally reminded me of being with Hermana Gonzalez, who I miss a TON. I really do. I love her so much. And the divisions were also just a big blessing because I learned a ton and really felt the spirit with Hermana Rayo. So Wednesday was just awesome.
Then Thursday we traveled back, which involved being stuck on the side of the highway in Cuidad del Este for 5 hours. So that was entertaining. Luckily we were with another pair of Elders, and luckily no one robbed us.
So there's a recent convert here who is 10, and her Little sister is 7. The Little sister is Anai, and she wants to get baptized so bad but just has to wait for her birthday. So yesterday we went to visit and she was just home alone casually playing with her parrot. So we sat down and pulled out a pamphlet to share and say "ok, we're going to review this" and she grabs the pamphlet and says, "no, I'M going to teach YOU!". So we were like, ok sweet, we'll see how it goes. I took off my tag and stuck it on her and she got all happy and opened up to show us the pictures in the pamphlet and literally gave us the entire lession 1, the Restoration, with Little to no help. It was AWESOME. I swear she understands it all waaay better than the hundreds of other adults we teach. She's a cutie, and then made me give her the mints I had in my bag for doing a good job. :)
Tommorrow we have a multi zone conference with President LaPierre in Cuidad del Este, which should be really good!! And besides that we're just here trekking along in the work!

Question from the family: 

Did you escape the mission boundaries (although it wasn’t the west boundary you would like to cross!)?
Well...  I might have tried... :) just kidding I didnt I promise. But this morning we called and asked the Elders a question about our pday, and our zone leader goes, "Well I have a question to answer your question... "would you guys want to go to Brazil?" and we were like "are you serious?!?!" all excited and he goes "no. I just wanted to bother you." my response was "ELDER!" :) not even funny. but sort of funny.
Did I tell you guys that Julie Flinders son is my zone leader again?? He got transferred up here a transfer after me. I saw a picture of her, and I was like "wow she looks like Julie!!" and he goes "...she is. " oh.

Love you all so much!!
Hermana Rawlins
look I found Hermana Tapia again!!
me and Hermana Rayo, Hermana Gonzalez's best friend

me and Hermana Rayo, Hermana Gonzalez's best friend 
this Little girl came to church and we were matching, so we took an awesome "look we're matching!" picture

Anai and her parrot :)
Hermana Anai
check this out :) (hint, that language isnt Spanish)

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