Monday, November 24, 2014

A Nourisher

This week was a good one!!
On Tuesday we were in CDE for the multi zone conference and it was really good. Really the best part is just being near President and Hermana Lapierre and feeling of their love and support and understanding of everything we're going through. We talked a lot about doing new things and breaking out of the routine of missionary work, which I really appreciated because I've started to get bored and that makes things harder.
Then the week was just pretty normal. I love Salto, I really do, but I've started to get frustrated with some things and just feeling like we're working in vain or getting little fruits from all our labors. And then that makes me worry that I'm doing something wrong or should be doing a better job. So this week I asked the Elders for a priesthood blessing and it was really good. I've studied and noticed patterns or themes in the blessings I get. For example, this week marked the third time I have been told that part of the reason I am on my mission is for the people I will know after. Which I had never really thought about, I always assumed that I'm on a mission for the people here, you know? Well apparently not entirely because several times I have been told I am here for the people I will know after my mission, including friends, family, in schooling, and my husband and children. Interesting, right?? The Lord's plan is so much more long time than ours is. Sometimes He gives us trials and experiences maybe just so we can help someone years later.
Also, I was studying something that I thought I'd share, since I couldnt think of anything  else more interesting to share haha :) Its in Jacob 5:22-23, the allegory of the olive tree. The Lord plants something in a really poor section of tree and then comes back later and the servant is like, "wait, what?? Why is there so much fruit here, this was the worst soil!" But I love the Lord's response. He says, bascially, "I knew it was a poor spot of ground, but I have nourished it this long time and now it has brought forth much fruit."
I love these Little tiny branches, but often times they just do not have the "roots" to grow the way they need to. So what are we doing here? We are pruning and digging and "nourishing it this long time". Because in the end, it will bring forth much fruit. I know it will. But for now, we here in the branches are the ones down in the mud helping it stay alive.
I am privileged to be one of the "nourishers" in the Lords vineyard. And then as I was praying at the end of my studies, this sentence came to my mind. "Find joy in being a nurterer as that will be your role your whole life."
So that was a good part of my week. The Lord knows me and knows what I need. He also knows YOU and what YOU need. I know He loves us and if we just take time to sit still, we will feel of His lovingkindness and His "perfect stillness." (that is me and hermana nethercotts new phrase to describe the spirit."
Things are well here with us! Oh one more update, my hair is still falling out in like clumps so I called the nurses and they said I either have a skin condition or a problem with my estrogen levels. So I'm supposed to go to a dermatologist or a regular doctor and see what they say. So I'll be trying to figure out how to do that here!
Also, today we had a district meeting in pure english just for fun cause our district is just us and the elders here in Saltos, and we recorded us singing a song in Guarani which we're gonna sing this sunday as a surprise for everybody. Elder Ollerton is supposed to get that sent along to you guys.

Questions from the family:

Do you really wear your passport thing on you that your original instructions referred to?
haaaa... no. Never. But I do have a copy of it in my wallet.

How are your clothes holding up?
I AM SO SICK OF THEM. But they're fine. No worries.
Do you think you will leave many things down there?
oh yes. a ton.
Is that a tag in Guarani? (from last week's email) 
nooo it's in Portuguese silly!!!
Is a parrot a common pet there?  
haha yeah, super common! We'll be walking down the Street and turn around cause we hear "hola!" and then realize its just a parrot talking to us. nice.

Love you all!!
-Hermana Rawlins
my zone going to the conference in Cuidad del Este
us and elders. the one on the right is one of our zone leaders and the left is one of the assitants 
pretty pretty pretty
this week we ate lunch at a members house and it was like easter cause all these Little baby animals were newly born!! Hooray for Easter in November. the mom cat was not too happy with us
 the best part was when I realized the Little gatito still had its umbilical cord attached #stillanerd
then we told the elders if they risked the mom duck and caught a Little duckling we would make them banana bread. They promptly chased them around until they caught one. And we made them the banana bread. :)
this has become the typical misión picture here in the misión. (spanish auto correct, sorry) everyone and their dog takes a picture with their companion like this. Every month they make a misión video of all the pictures we send in, and this last month there were like 7 straight minutes of pictures like this just as a joke. No importa, they're still purete
anybody want a frog? 
the new and improved way to fan your fire


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