Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rohayhu Paraguay!

So this has been a rough week workwise because my companion was sick and so we spent a lot of time in the pension. The highlight and weirdest part was my year mark. I really cant believe it and really dont know how to feel about it!!
Also a fun thing this week was that I learned "I am a child of God" in Guarani!! So thats fun :)
I'm sorry but this letter is gonna be terrible, tomorrow is Hermana torres birthday and so all of the zone is waiting for us at the church to surprise her and celebrate, but the electiricty in the cyber went out so they've been waiting for quite a while and I feel bad :) But we've got a pretty fun week planned for this week, with lots to celebrate and lots to do!!
Questions from the Family 

So do you consider yourself more of a Paraguayan than an argentine at this point??
Yes. Totally. My heart is definitely here in Paraguay. I consider myself Virasorian and Paraguayan at the same time :)

Are you going to know what to do with paved roads?
no idea. its gonna be SOO weird going back.

Did you get milk from Jeremiah and Abraham? (the local cows that have been named by Amanda and her companion) 
nope, we didnt get a chance to go!

Have any of the Elders been the branch president anywhere?
yeah, there are a few areas that the Elders are branch president! And their companion the counselor and secretary, haha :) There are also areas that aren't even branches, they're called groups. But I've never been in any of those because they usually don't have hermanas

This is a terrible email, but I love you all and I love this work and am happy and well!!! :)
lots of love,
Hermana rawlins

Hermana Torres, nebulizing herself. Is that a word in English?

The army of Helaman, Zona La Paloma style

this is pretty much how the sky is every night. I'm in love with it

if the sunsets like this everynight, I might not come home
Rohayhu Paraguay. (thats I love you Paraguay in Guarani :)

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