Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I was a pioneer!

So today is cambiooooos!!!! Hermana Torres is leaving Saltos and I'm staying, with my new companion Hermana Nethercott!!! Shes from Wyoming and I know her already. Shes really cute and really sweet and also really tiny. She has a twin as well, who is on a mission somewhere in South America too. Dont remember where. I'll be spending the first part of the week travelling to go get her, and we should end up back in Salto on Thursday afternoon. I'm not an HLC again this transfer, which stinks but is fine. The HLC in the zone didnt have transfers (even though shes been here a long time) so shes still HLC. The only reason I'm really sad is that it means I wont get to go to consejo and see Hermana Anderson and all of my friends before they leave in December. So that stinks. Oh well. 
After this transfer I will officially only have THREE left. AHHHH. How can that be?? From my calculations (which are pretty good) I will be hoping off the plane and back to you guys on April 8th. Crazy.

So this week was busy and full of activities. Tuesday was Hermana Torres birthday so I had planned a surprises for her all throughout the day. It turned out fun and I think she felt loved, which was the goal. Everyone deserves to feel loved on their birthday away from home. 
Then on Thursday for the Noche de Rama (which is basically like mutual that the missionaries run) it was our turn to decide what to do and I was like, know what?? Lets do something different and fun so we picked characters from the Book of Mormon and church history to come and tell their stories for everybody. It turned out really fun, and especially cool because it was literally from our heritages.  Elder Worthington was Joseph Smith and I was a pioneer woman (extra points because I used real life stores from my ancestors!!) and then the latinos were various characters from the Book of Mormon. Hermana Torres totally won the award and swept the night away when she stood in front of us all, wearing her traditional Guatemalan dress, and told us she was there when Christ appeared to the Nephites and she had felt His hands and heard Him call her by name. Almost cried. It was AWESOME. The point was to show that the people in the scriptures are real, life people, and I think it turned out really well. I'll show you the video later :)

Then we were in charge of an activity of Personal Progress to help the young women, which we totally did everything for because the Young Womens President didnt even show up. And hardly any girls. I was sad about that, but the Spirit came really strongly when we talked about the quote from Elder Benson "give me a young woman who..." and so even though I wish more girls had come, I know the ones who were there were touched. 

This morning I listened to Elder Hollands talk in English and that sure made me cry a lot. His feelings right towards the end of the talk are very similar to mine. I have often wondered why I was born where I was born. So pay your fast offerings, people. 

Things are good here in Saltos and they will continue to be good with Hermana Nethercott!! If you are all willing, please PLEASE pray for us to find men who are ready to rise up and hold and exercise the Priesthood. I'm getting desperate. 

Questions from the family: 

Do you just spend time reading or what when you have to stay in? (when her companion was sick) 
I took advantage of the time and wrote a letter to Brian and then my letter to Allie Ross. Then I went stir crazy and ran around the house while she slept for like hours straight and called me crazy. What happened to my ability to stay inside all day?! triste.

What was the special food you were having to celebrate your 1 year mark?
Its called celestina and its the best and most heavenly dessert that exists. You make Argentinian pancakes, which are like bascially crepes, then you put dulce de leche in the middle and roll it up and put ice cream on top. The moraga family in virasoro taught me how to do it and I will forever thank them. SOOO good.

I love you all!! I'm gonna go get my hair cut.

Hermana Rawlins

The Elders had a baptism of a 90 year old abuelita this week. Super sweet.
Then we went to a quince (like sweet sixteen but spanish quincenera) for a young women cause we're missionaries in paraguay and we can do stuff like go to birthday parties :)
Us and Richard, our ride who takes us everywhere we want. Hes reactivating and loves hanging out with the missionaries. Everyone does, duh.
the scripture characters who came to visit Saltos
me and hermana torres <33 
Liz liked the skirt I showed from my Personal Progress, and tried to run away wearing it so she could have it :)
The other part of her birthday surprise. I talked in English on the phone to the other Elder to get it all set up, but everything kept going wrong so they kept calling and calling and she got suspicious. I've also never lied to someone so much in my life
Hermana Torres` surprise birthday party with our zone

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