Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What is real faith?

Ok you're not going to believe it!!!!

So this week everyone was talking about a temple worker from Asuncion that was in town visiting his family and I was like "oh cool." DIdnt think anything of it. Then they show up on Sunday and the hermano asks me where Im from and I say Philadelphia. And he looks super surprised and says "Ive been to Broomhall." And I was like whhaaaatt. And then he says yeah and I've been to Pennypack too, my daughters live there and we visit them!" So I was like "No way thats so cool!" And he says "Did you meet my wife? She's gonna be so happy!" And I was like "Well I kissed her, but I didnt meet her yet!" (only in latin america... :)
 And then sacrament started so we stopped talking. And then during sacrament meeting I was like wait, I should totally ask him if he knows the Vega family, theyre from Paraguay he's for sure met them up there in America!! So afterwards I go up to him and his wife and they're so excited and before I can ask them he pulls out a picture of their family and is like look this is our family, this is Grisel, and I go WAIT THATS SISTER VEGA!!!!. I know your daughter!!" They freaked out and I was like "yeah I went to girls camp with your granddaughter Giselle!!!". And they whipped out a pic of her too and they were just delighted and made me promise to visit them this week. It was very happy.
Who wouldve thought, here in Saltos I would meet Gizzy's grandparents! And also her cousin who was there too! Such a small world!!!

So another fun thing from this week is that it was the first day of Spring here so in sacrament meeting there were special musical numbers about spring and everything and I legit thought that this coming conference is the one in May. Then I realized that its September and just got really confused. Spring in September?? It cant be. 
I'm waay excited for conference!! Its just the best! And this conference for me basically marks my year mark! I cant believe it. I really cant. Elder Worthington is my zone leader here and he came in with me in the mission. So he's all excited and anxious to be saying he's got a year in the mission, he's been saying it since we got here in Saltos. And he laughs at me cause I keep saying 11 months! I don't want to have a year, because then after a year you only have 6 months left!! This time ends??

Lastly, I want to share my thoughts on faith. Its probably one of the biggest things I have learned on my mission. What is real faith? I've included a picture of the way I decorated my agenda last transfer, including some more of my thoughts on the back. I like the picture on the front because I like the little tiny light in the distance. It doesnt matter that it is far away, it is there. And so we walk towards it. The Lord gives us the power to make it. Also Esther is on the back because she is just the best example of faith there ever was. In the spanish bible dictionary her definition is just simply "woman of great faith." 
As President LaPierre once taught me, there is a difference between faith and belief. Belief is what sits on a shelf. Lots of people BELIEVE in God. But FAITH is something different. It is something concrete. Faith is what stands up and walks out the door. Faith moves forward without doubting.
I wanted to share this because of the job situation, and because of how Brian's health is. I don't know how things will work out. But I have faith in my Lord and Savior, so I will move forward. We will move forward. "Faith is standing up and going even when you cant see anything". This I know, The Lord knows, loves, and takes care of each of His missionaries, and each of His children. Each and every one.

Questions from the family: 

do you get to watch the general women's meeting on saturday? 
yes I do!! I'm so pumped! And im hoping to get to watch it in English, but Ill be watching it alone cause no other sister here speaks English! 

does nobody eat vegetables down there at all?? 
do potatoes count as a vegetable? that and boiled and sliced carrots are all I see

Have you named that cow you watch while studying yet?
No, but know I think it will officially be Abraham. Its got a nice ring.

How are things in Saltos? How is it going figuring out what is needed there? Are you getting more comfortable?

good, good, and yes! Whats really needed here is what President wrote me about today in my letter. We need men ready to hold and use the Priesthood, and families coming to the gospel for "Real" growth. There have been a lot of children baptisms by the sisters here lately, which is nice, but doesnt help the branch grow. President wrote me and told me that what Saltos needs is "mature" missionary work and to do my thing and it will work great. So that I will. If you guys can pray for us to find families with men prepared for the Priesthood that would be LOVELY.

Lots of love,
your Hermana Rawlins :)

I think I'm just gonna head over to Brazil and take care of Brian.
I'm pretty sure my eyes are closed in this picture, but I like it anyway. This is the newest feature of one of the neighborhoods we work in, to wash clothes and bathe. I seriously love Paraguay, its beautiful!!

my agenda about faith
This is our little house in the campo in Saltos!
This is a pic of what we did for fun today, which was wear normal clothes, eat pizza, watch a movie, and play sports. and we played SOCCER!!!! Ahhh it was only for like 15 minutes but I loved it 

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