Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Work of Salvation

So this week has been busy and good!!
On thursday was our zone conference with the Mission President which are always just so awesome! In it he was presenting that comparison thing I sent you guys, but it was sad because he had troubles crossing the border so he got there like 3 hours late and so the assisstants just presented that part by himself. So I didnt get to see President talk about it, but it's fine I trust that it was good!

I also took advantage of the opportunity to get a priesthood blessing from President LaPierre which are just always great to have and made me happy! He told me in it that I have a very special, real way of representing Christ and that people will come to know of Him and His love just by knowing me. So that was super nice to hear, you know? He also told me "just stop with the self-doubt" and "Take what people say to you, spit out the bad, and eat the good. There's some farming advice for you" :) which made me laugh and think of my grandparents haha :) so that was awesome!

Then on Saturday R got baptized!!! He is just the sweetest and it was awesome and super great for him! But also sad because no one he knows came to it! The people he lives with wanted to come but didnt so he was all alone and sad but still cheerful about it. It broke me and Hermana Tapia's hearts. But the solid fact remains that it is THE church of Jesus Christ and that the covenants and ordinances we have are saving ordinances. The door to the celestial kingdom is now open to R, and that is what really matters.

Then yesterday we had consejo which was also really nice to go to!! I got to see Hermana Gonzalez for the first time since we parted ways after she trained me, and that was sooooo weird to see her again. And after only like 6 months! So, family and friends, watch out cause misisonary reunions are like the weirdest things ever. But happy too! :) Also it turned out that ALL my companions were there!! So we took a picture and that was fun :)
ALSO, Hermana Anderson only has TWO transfers left before she goes home! What the heck, people really go home? She's all pumped fro winter semester at BYU but its soo weird cause its totally a different world. I think I'll just stay here in paraguay forever cause I've forgotten everything about America and am kind of scared of it. just kidding take me back please. :) 

Sorry I dont have much particulary exciting to share this week. One thing that I did like was something President shared in the zone conference. He said "This is the work of salvation. This is what God wants for everyone of His children. So why is it so, so hard? Why is it? I haven't discovered all of the answer, but I do know one part of it. That is the change that happens in the missionary."

I know that is true. I love what I'm learning here, I wouldnt give it up for anything anything. I love this opportunity - this privilege - to serve the Lord and more than anything, to come to know Him. That privilege is worth any price. 
I love you all so much and miss you too!! Next time we talk I'll be 20! (what the heck? 20?!?) 

all my love,
Hermana Rawlins :)

One more from the ruins two weeks ago!

me and hermana trillo and finlinson, the sisters in Pilar!

R's baptism! my earrings I just got as a present from Hermana Stanfield in Virasoro, she crocheted them for me!

me and all of my companions!!

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