Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Saltos del Guairá!

So this weeks been a hard one just because I reeally really dont like changing areas and starting over from scratch. Before my mission I asked Mike what the hardest part of the mission was for him, and he said transfers. Now I understand that. I'm not sad because I miss Encarnacion too much or anything cause I wasn't there very much time, but transfers are like moving, all alone, every three months. Not too fun, but definitely worth it in the end. 

So I'm still getting my bearings and getting comfortable, but I really love Saltos. Its awesome. I LOVE Paraguayan campo, and I feel at home here. Which I'm now realizing I never thought I would say. But I do. The branch has the normal problems, but it seems the more problems there are the easier it is to love them. We are craaazy close to Brazil, which I LOVE. (any guesses why...?) People here speak a hilarious mixture of spanish, guarani, and portuguese. Its AWESOME. Today I bought something and the lady spoke to me about it in Portuguese (I bascially understood) and then charged me in Reales. But I paid in Guaranis cause its all Ive got haha.

Also, someone the other day served us beets. You have no idea how excited I was to see and eat a vegetable that I ate a ton even though it was beets, ew.
Also, the other day I saw a chicken crossing the road. A full, double laned road and everything and this one lone chicken just booking it across. So funny. My companion didnt get it :)

Questions from the family: 

What was your journey like? 
Loong. We didnt get here until Thursday in the afternoon.

Were you alone for it?
Nope, I traveled with other missionaries from Encarnacion to  Cuidad del Este Wednesday afternoon, and then met my companion there. We stayed the night with sisters in Cuidad Del Este and then we traveled to Saltos Thursday in the morning.

So more campo, eh? that sounds great. Tell us everything you can!
Yes!!! I looove it. Seriously so much!

Was it hard saying goodbye? 
yes and no, not as hard as Virasoro

Does it get any easier as a missionary who is almost at the year point?
haha, easier in what aspect?? I have learned to love it, so yes that makes it easier. But the work of salvation is an every day battle. 

I also wanted to ask you how teaching piano is going (or went)!  Will you still be doing that in your new area? 
It was really fun, for the three weeks I had to do it haha :) Yes, we will be doing it again in this area, Friday nights at 7! You're all invited and bring friends! :)

How have things gone for you in Salto? That sounded like a crazy trip up there.
Good! So we got here Thursday and then my comp tells me we're moving pensions so we hauled all of my stuff and also all the stuff from the pension to another little house out in the campe that's waaay nicer but I forgot to take a picture of it sorry! Theres a picture of us moving attached. We loaded up the truck like that and then the 4 of us missionaries climbed on on top of all that stuff and we were bumping along through the Paraguayan campo with the wind and the stars and all of a sudden I was just like, "I really love my life." just in case you were wondering. 

Im doing well in Saltos, I promise!! I love the people and the pure humility they teach me. I pray for you all and Im glad to hear that things are well back home, and that Pennsbury is still beating Council Rock at football. All is right with the world :)

Hermana Rawlins

birthday cupcakes from a shop we found in Encarnacion! 
This is the Delgado Family. They are awesome and the ones who made me a cake and we had a family night on Monday night.
Then we got home from that and the sisters from an area nearby came for the night and had a cute cake and present waiting for me!
This was saying goodbye to R. We were all crying by the end, because after the lesson we taught him he ended with the SWEETEST prayer I have ever heard asking God to bless me in my travels and keep me safe. 
Found a butterfly on my last night in Encarnacion and it couldnt fly so we brought it to the pension with us
Can we talk about the condition of my shoes?
This is the inside. Im pretty sure that piece that is only half a footprint, was once a whole piece
 moving all our stuff
Please enjoy this really awkward picture of me and Brazil.
Today we went to "Shopping China" a store that is just 100 percent imports. It was the best thing ever. A kid in the candy shop has a new meaning for me, becuase I literally was one and practically skipping down the aisles. 
I didn't buy it, because it was 100 dollars. If it was anything less than 98 I might have considered it. :)
the view I have while I study every morning. Yes, the cow is there every morning.
me and hermana torres!! Today is Guatemala's Independence day, hence the celebration :)
typical road in Saltos!

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