Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My trip to Asuncion... and Chile!!

So I spent a lot of time sending you guys pictures since its been a few weeks!
I don't really have anything new to report this week. The most exciting thing we did was when we went to Asuncion for Hermana Tapia's paperwork, so I got to sit by the temple again, have another near-temple experience in the distribution center (haha), and then i got to go to CHILE!!!! We went to the consulate and since the consulate counts as a part of that country... well I've been to chile. I've even been to the bathroom in Chile, so it´s official :) But that was a fun look into dad´s mission because all the chilean missionaries were with us and all started off with their hilarious personalities, singing chilean songs and speaking a language that sounds nothing like the spanish I know :), and it just made me smile and think of daddy because I could totally tell he got along so so well with them. They all walked into the consulate one by one and introduced themselves by city, and I was last and walked in and they were like "and oh, she´s american" and the old man in charge shook my hand and took my shoulder and said "Well they´re our friends too!!!!" haha. (hallelujah that chile and the us are on good terms. phew.)
ALSO daddy, Hermana tapia´s mom, who is chilean, well Hermana Tapia said she talks ALL THE TIME about her liver and that anything that hurts its the fault of her liver. "oh your head hurts, hija? It´s your liver." hahaha I died when she told me about it :) 

In other news, it´s like spring here which is nice and springy, but also so not nice because it´s supposed to be pure winter in August and now that its already getting hot... it has like until February to keep getting hotter. I´m going to die. I honestly think I have a little bit of a psychological fear of the heat from what I passed through in my first months in Virasoro. So, prayers please?

Also, I wanted to share that a senior couple missionaries were here like 6 months ago and the people here still talk about them and how nice they are and how they helped everyone but doing simple things like teaching piano and helping with chemistry homework. So Grandpa and Grandma Rawlins, know that your influence counts and lasts! Hearing the people hear just makes me think of my own grandparents doing the same thing! (Amanda's grandparents are serving a mission in Bakersfield, California)

Soo... I don´t really have anything more to share. I´m doing fine and just chugging along. This morning I was thinking about instruments again and how even when the instrument thinks the notes are coming out wrong, well it is in the hands of the Master and He is the one reading the music. I know that is true and that He has a plan for us.

love you all,
Hermana Rawlins

my mate cup!!

we found a cute little lunch place and this is what happened

I remembered that as a little girl all I wanted to do when we went to the temple was to touch it, and I made Dad lift me up so I could touch the REAL brick of the DC temple, and not just the door. And I remember in that moment as soon as I touched the temple I felt the spirit. So that's what a did in Asuncion as well. 


I felt like my father´s daughter :)

today a butterfly ate out of my hand! ...kind of

Guys, I couldn{t remember any of my anatomy!!! SO SAD

This is a piece of the stone wall that fell off.

These are the ruins we visited today! They're called the Jesuit ruins from the European people who came and built them or something... I super paid attention to the tour in spanish haha not

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