Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Like the Pioneer Children

So I don´t have anything huge or profound to share this week. It was a fine week, but it was also the week I felt the most ´maltratado´ ,or mistreated, in the mission. People weren't very nice to us. We walked and walked and walked. I´ve decided that saying for the pioneers shouldn't actually be with faith in every footstep it should be with pain in every footstep. haha. I´m super witty. Anyway, so we walked and contacted and walked some more. I´m losing weigth woot! That´s the plus side. Saturday was my ten month mark in the mission!! I really can´t hardly believe it. We celebrated that day... by walking eight hours. We calculated at the end of the day and we had only stopped for two hours, one of those being the hour we sat down for lunch haha. But yay, ten months!! Ive only got eight months left which is like six transfers which is nothing!! I´ll be home and struggling to speak english before we all know it. 

Sorry I had good pictures but again the computer has problems so I can´t send them. I also had a video for Ese´s birthday, but can´t get it up either. Happy Birthday Ese!! The video was me, looking very tired, holding a picture of Isaac and saying ´your baby´s cute.´ Also Happy birthday William too!! I can´t remember what day it is but I know it´s soon haha
One thing I forgot to tell you guys last week is that the M family sent me a package!:) I almost cried. N and S, the two twins, have both now started their missions in separate missions in Chile, so there were notes for them thanking us for the being the first sisters they knew and a GORGEOUS mate cup that says Amanda on it I was so touched and happy. I´ll send you guys a pic when I can.
and the other highlight of the week was when a tiny little girl came up to me and asked ´vos sos Jesús?´ meaning, are you Jesus? haha :)

Questions from the family: 
how are you?? do you have any investigators we can pray for? or is it best to pray that you will find investigators? 
I´m good!! haha yeah probably the last part, that we´ll find people :) But there´s also J, a little girl who loves the church but needs permission and support from her parents, and V, an old man who wants to be with his wife (who passed away) forever but doesn´t really let us talk to teach him. 

Really glad you get to go back to Pilar for helping them out. I’m sure you can be a godsend to a new American, especially.  You totally remember what that was like, I’m sure. What do you do for a 6 hour train ride back and forth, though? 
So yeah this week we went back to Pilar and it was really fun!! It was fun to surprise the members and see them all again. Going back, I felt as if the members knew that I had loved them and loved me for it, and so that was a satisfying and peaceful feeling to have from the trip. And Hermana Finlinson is the new sister and it makes me feel good helping her out. When she calls me I just try to listen. I do remember what it was like, oh yes I do. My goal is to be for her everything that I didn´t have. 
The six hour ride haha. Well, I´m still typical Amanda which means I pack all of the books ´just in case´ I want to read them and have big plans of all the things I´ll read and write... and then end up staring out the window the whole time. typical. :)

okay I love you all the work is hard but i feel good doing it!!
lots of love,

Hermana Rawlins

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