Tuesday, August 26, 2014

God is For Us

So I'm doing good! Just have a bunch of random news for you guys today. :)
What's the name of Dan O'Rouke's trainer in Bahia Blanca? (Dan is a church friend from Amanda's home in Pennsylvania) Cause if it's Elder Figueredo... I met his mom haha. They're from here in Encarnacion and last week her son was expecting a new missionary to train! Cue small world after all music...

One fun new thing that happened this week is that I officially got started into teaching piano classes. Ah! I still remember one time when Sister Hansen (Amanda's piano teacher) during a lesson was like "Amanda you need to know this for when you teach piano lessons. And I was like, "what the heck Im never gonna have the guts or knowledge to teach piano!" ...and now I'm doing it... in Spanish. It's fun, and even though I was really hesitant to do it, it turns out its one of THE best ways to get people to at least walk into the church, so I decided Heavenly Father would help me and I could just try it out. I teach an hour of piano lessons and Hermana Tapia teaches an hour of English lessons every Saturday and last weekend they had a really good turn out! It's humbling for me though, cause I know music (well, mostly) but I don't know it in Spanish. So I ask a question like "what's this called?" and hope someone knows the answer because if no one knows than I say "well I dont know either haha". But it's all good :)
Oh, but one thing that is different here is that everybody and their dog learns music by do re mi instead of A B C, which I totally don't like but have to pretend I know what I'm talking about. I think it works, or at least the people I teach dont know enough to tell :)

This week we have a zone conference on Thursday which I'm really excited for!! And a large part of that is because it means maaaail!!! And maybe a birthday package! I'm especially pumped because its been two months since someone's crossed over from posadas with mail so hopefully there will be some!!

And then we're doing everything we can to help R get baptized on Saturday, so extra prayers please!! His leg is super bad and he needs a lot of help and literally has no money to even eat. So we're trying to help him out and if everything goes well, he'll be baptized on Saturday and start a new life. He's just the best.

And my only other exciting piece of news is that the church here is right next to the Japanese consulate... so I stuck my finger in through the rails of the fence and my finger has officially touched Japan. I'm just going all over the place on my mission :) 

I love you all a ton and promise I'm doing better and have more fun stories and love and spiritual thoughts and just so many things to tell you all that jamas will fit in a short email. I often imagine the moment I'll get to sit down with you all and share everything I want to! Plus I'm collecting fun presents ;)

I love you all eternally and loved something that Daddy shared with me this week: to never forget that God is for us. Psalms 56:9. "When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me."  And as a song I have here says "If God is for us, who can stand against us?" It's a pretty good song, but thats not the point :) I know that God is for us and watches over us. A word that has really stuck with me this week is "lovingkindness". I know that God is full of lovingkindness.

love you all!!
-hermana rawlins :))

Sorry I didn't take very many good pics this week!

 a picture from the ruins last week that I forgot to send
me and my homies. We were supposed to be making funny faces, but not everyone got the memo
We ate at a resturaunt that claimed to have a "Philly Sandwich". It was actually pretty decent, minus the bread.

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