Monday, July 28, 2014

Official Encarnacena

hello hello! 
So the biggest news of this week are the transfers! ...and they´re not really big news. Well I guess actually they are. I´m jealous Emily hears about transfers THURSDAY; what the heck!? We waited until like 2 today to find out and we were all dying!!

Anyway, we will not be going back to Pilar, none of us four hermanas who left. Instead, Hermana Trillo is going and is training down there, so we´re instilling all our pilar knowledge in her in the next day. And Hermana Tapia and I are staying here in Encarnacion! So it´s like we´re switching areas with her. I´m happy to be staying because I love cambyreta and the people we´ve met there. So we´ll be here for the next transfer! It´s kinda funny cause we´ve already been here for like a month and then we got "transferred" here. The other two sisters from PIlar are going far away. (my babies!) I´ll miss them and making sure they´re ok. 

Hermana Tapia and I are still Sister Training Leaders. Actually, we weren´t for like 3 hours hahaa. They sent out the transfers and it said neither of us were HLC´s and we were kinda like, uhh... what happened? And then they sent it out again like 2 hours later and said "sorry there was only one mistake, hermana tapia and rawlins are still HLCs" hahaha. Really the best part of it all is getting to go to consejo and see hermana anderson. who by the way, has to leave virasoro! Poor thing. I miss virasoro every day waahh. But I´ll see her next week yaaayyyy

So here in cabyretá we found someone named R who is just the bestest, he talked to the elders a long time ago and always loved the church but never got baptized. He was hit by a car a few years ago and they operated wrong on it so its all bent and he has to walk with a crutch. So he cant come to church unless someone picks him up. So we walked by his house the other day and contacted him sitting outside. Before we said anything he offered us chairs and we sat down and talked about faith or something simple and then about baptism and we were like Do you want to get baptized and he was like YES please. We asked what date he would like and he said whatever you say is best. You´ve just got to meet him, he is just pure and simple faith and humility its the sweetest thing. AH I can´t stand it. After he went to church the first time he loved it so much he came home and told his friend "you´ve got to see it, they´re got bathrooms and everything!" And that if someone didn´t come to pick him up he would get up at 6:30 and walk the whole way. Which is quite a way. So we´re teaching him and every lesson we just walk away amazed at how wonderful he is. After the elders taught him a while ago he had the restoration pamphlet, but then lent it to some guy and the guy never gave it back, and he said "I´m never going to lend anything again!" cause he was just so sad he lost his restoration pamphlet. (we gave him another one.) So prayers for him please! that he understands what we teach and he and his family will be blessed temporally too. Also a 12 year old boy that lives with him- B. Everytime we come he makes it a point of coming to the lesson and scooting his chair into the circle cause he wants to listen. Since when are 12 year old boys that spiritual?? Well B is (Dad, you can borrow him for your class full of deacons :) . Prayers for him too! He was so sad because he got up early and got all ready to go to church, and then the member came late and he had already gone back to his room in the back because he thought no one was coming. 
I´ve seen such examples in the mission of people with the purest and simplest faith, it´s one of the biggest blessings to be able to see. It grows my faith!
My mission is really hard at times, but it´s also the best thing ever. Maybe because it´s hard. I´m still Amanda, I´m not a different person, but I sure am a better person. I love my Savior and know He loves each of us infinitely. He watches over us and takes care of us.

all my love,
hermana rawlins

p.s. The cyber is blasting 80´s music. Rock on.

us and our sisters!! I´m going to miss them in the transfer

my new favorite tag!! yeah Guaraní!!
I celebrated Christmas in July, because here it´s cold and it sure felt more like christmas than it did in december. The 3 latinas I live with thought I was crazy. But I just ignored them and sang christmas songs in english :)

I love being a missionary!!

This is a monkey that someone gave a member when for their daughters quincenera, and so it´s been in this same cage for like 30 years. Seriously. It´s legit crazy, and they don´t really know what to do with it. I was terrified of it cause it was just screaming during the lesson, but not terrified enough to miss a chance to take a picture with it :) 

I did divisions this week with Hermana Fraze, but we got locked out of the pension for two hours cause the other hermanas forgot to leave the key for us to study at night, so we bought dinner and sat there on the floor and talked about the best and worst dates we´d ever been on. It was fun! And next time I´m making sure they leave the key :)

we got these shirts to celebrate the birthday of the mission. They´re pretty sweet!! On the back it has the two flags

me and posadas, looking at it from encarnacion!

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