Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Flooded out of Pilar

So the flooding kept growing and growing and we made the call leave Pilar. We packed up and left Sunday after church. It was weird and sad leaving, I learned to love it and don't like to imagine the branch there all alone without the 6 missionaries that are usually in Pilar (2 branches). If the water goes down soon we´ll go back, if it floods we have no idea when we´ll be back. For right now we´re living in the pension of hermanas in encarnacion (living out of a suitcase, woot!) until further notice. We´re not really sure how it will work, if we´ll work in divisions or if they´ll give us a chunk of their area to work in. But we´re just rolling along with whatever happens, confident that the Lord is in charge and whatever needs to happen, will!

Well, the biggest news this week was the flooding which  I just barely told you about. I´m writing this right now from Posadas, because we have a Consejo de Las Hermanas tonight in the mission home and then tomorrow is consejo with everybody and then we´ll cross back over to encarnacion and figure out how best to work in the other hermanas area until we go back to Pilar or get permanently assigned another area if the flooding gets super bad. It´s a problem for many many areas in the mission, since we´re all close to rivers bascially. 

I wrote to President last week about what we did in sacrament meeting and he liked it so much that he´s having me and hermana tapia talk about it in consejo tomorrow to present it as an idea for everybody! 
Today while I was in the office I saw the package to hermana mamani safely there so thanks so much for sending it!! I know she´ll love it.

Also right before I came to the cyber just now hermana anderson walked into the office and we freaked out. It was so so good to see her!!! And just filled me up with happiness. But it was also weird cause we hugged and then just stood there in silence staring at each other cause we have so much to say and nowhere to start. And then we were like, wait, if this is what it´s like after only 7 weeks, what´s it gonna be like going home?? I´m pretty sure I´m probably gonna be the most awkward person alive so heads up about that. 
okay sorry this letter is so short but we´ve gotta run now, but I love you all and ton and pray for you all the time! I´m busy and happy and pray for you to be blessed. 

love love, 
amanda :) 

couldn´t figure out pictures on this computer sorry!!


  1. I think Hma Rawlins is with my daughter Hma Fraze. She was in Pilar as well, until Sunday.