Friday, July 18, 2014

Cambyretá is the prettiest

hello famjamily!!!
greetings to you all from..... Encarnacion todavia!! We´ll be here until the end of the transfer and then maybe even after that, we´ll see what happens!! We´re still living with the hermanas and still living out of our suitcases, but its not too bad because now that we know we´ll be here for more than just a few days we can really work! Plus I LOOOVE our area. Its GORGEOUS. I´ll try to send some pics. We´re out in the campo called Cambyretá that´s on the outskirts of encarnacion. Pretty much everyone´s catholic which is normal but at least the people are nice and humble enough to talk to us and I mostly just love walking around in the campo. I feel so much more comfortable there than in any city. I don´t really know how I´ll take living in the states again, just a heads up. Where are the dirt roads?? So I´m happy here walking around and enjoying the scenery haha :) 

Fun Fact: my least favorite time of the day as a missionary is officially Sunday afternoon. I super miss tranquilo sunday afternoons chilling at home. but anyway.

So yesterday was the world cup! Being in paraguay during the whole thing means we´re on the boring side of the mission during it all. The Argentina missionaries get locked inside early, but since paraguay isn´t in it, we still work. cough wander around during the games. So it hasnt really affected our lives in any big way except when Brazil was being killed by Germany we were walking around checking the score through store windows and saying "no puedo creerlo!" and I was thinking about how Brian would probably be with a bunch of crying Brazilians hahaha. Anyway, so yesterday afternoon. 
backgroound information: everything thinks we look german. there are a lot of them here.
our area is super far away from where we live and we can´t be there after dark, so we leave earlier every morning and then study at night in the pension. Our plan was to go and contact during the game, having faith that SOMEONE wouldn´t be watching it. We managed to teach two lessons, which was a miracle. During this time we walked past a bunch of drunk men watching the game and they started shouting at us "vive germany!! vive germany!" and some gibberish that they probably thought was german. we just kept walking. Then it got dark and we were leaving our area late, right when the game ended and people started freaking out and all of a sudden I was like "oh freak hermana, the people think we´re german!!!" So we walked extremely quickly home. But nothing happened, people just drove around and honked their horns and there were a few fireworks. woot. 

on a related note, Hermana Tapia and I are started a little notebook of all the things shouted at us on the street. It´s going to be really hilarious. Today´s recent additions include a teenager from the 5th story singing Justin Bieber´s "Baby" at us. good move kid. Hermana Tapia´s favorite thing to do is say as we walk away "sabe cuantos anos TENGO, nino? Yo podría ser su madre!!" "Do you know how old I am, kid?! I could be your mom!". and then I die laughing.

And I would just like to tell you guys about how impossible they make piano accompaniment here. If I wasn´t the one playing I would be sitting in the back laughing. On Sunday I had to play the left hand twice as fast as the right hand just to keep everyone together. And you don´t even want to hear the Spanish version of Because I have Been Given Much, they´ve put a whole other rhythm to it than it should be. Rock on!

that´s about all I´ve got to share so I´ll send this now and then try and get some pictures off. 
I love you guys a ton and pray for you!! I know the Lord is in control of our lives.

love love love,
Hermana Rawlins :)

there really is nothing like paraguayan campo <3 <3

this boy had seen smores on the tv and super wanted to try one. Lucky he had such a pro to show him! :) 

found these in a store. almost cried.

this is some fruit called caci. Which I have no idea what it is in english. So far I´ve tried membrillo, mbaracuyá, and a bunch of others I just totatally forgot.

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