Thursday, April 17, 2014

Redefining Normal

In eighth grade Mrs. Mycock made the whole class have a discussion defining normal, with the point that you can´t really because it´s based on individual perspective - what is normal and what is not. I feel like every week on the mission redefines my standard of normal, mostly because I say to you guys every week that the week was crazy, and then the next one turns out even more! Never a dull moment here in Argentina.

So Tuesday night, we were in divisions like normal (right now I have divisiones every week because Hna Anderson is STL), when all of a sudden the lights went out on me and Hna Passow as we were finishing a lesson. We walked out into the pitch black street, because not only all the house lights were out but all the street lights as well. So we were like "uhhh... we´re gonna call the Elders" (when in doubt, call the Elders :). So I called and was like "Hi the lights just went out every where and we can´t see anything and we don´t know where to go or what to do" (because it was only like 7:30. "ok hermana, do you know the way to your house?" "yes, elder". "Walk to your house." haha, ok I feel like that conversation is funnier when you say it in Spanish but whatever. Anyway, the lights never came back on so we spent a very hot night without fans or anything that night. Anyways, long story short some transformer stopped working that gives power to the whole city, so not only was there no luz but also the electricity is what powers the water supply, so the water was cut as well. (except we always had water in our pension #milagros). So things were pretty interesting all week, including people collecting the rain water, which miraculously came on the second and third day of it all, to bathe and flush toilets. You know, things in general were just cray.
The whole city got put on a rotation, where various barrios got electricity for a certain chunk of the day, because they brought one transformer to replace it, which came broken, etc etc problems all over the place, now there are giant generators on the road by the church which is keeping the important parts going, but right now we don´t have electricity in the pension, except it will probably come tonight because we´ve been getting it during the night since we live in the centro and they need to protect the shops during the night. Oh and this whole week we´ve had to go back to the pension early, as soon as it gets dark, which I totally haven´t minded at all because I miss downtime. :)
but besides all the craziness, we had a very very good week work-wise so things are good there!

Questions from the family:

Any last minute advice for the final week? How not to die of stress and become an anxious ball or nerves?
Just breathe. Do things that help you feel prepared or distracted. You´re going to be ok, and the mtc is just super great so don´t even worry. The Lord is the same in todos lados, and He knows you can do it!

how has this week been?!
crazy, see above :)

how is hermana anderson?
things are good!!

do you guys get to do anything for easter sunday?
um, we have a district conference so we´ll be traveling to Apostoles again. It´s not really easter related I think, but still fun!

ok I´ve gotta go, but I love you all!! hopefully everything I typed really fast makes sense. :)
hermana rawlins :)

This is what our night has looked like every night this week

I finally decided I needed to buy myself momentos of the Amanda mate, so here´s me and my new mate Thermos and can of mate!! :) I´m gonna have the coolest house decorations for sure, mate with my name on it. boo yah.

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