Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Embarrassing Moments!

Here´s a question from me: why the heck does kayla look so grown up??? and like a mix between me and alli?
oh also this week I got a letter from the activity day girls!! It was awesome, and yes, I remember you all!! :)

This week I had several MLIHK (My life is Hannah Kruman) moments that I would like to share.
First, we were walking to the S family´s house one morning and all of a sudden this dog in the street runs at me and starts jumping all over me. Like with his front paws all over my skirt and shirt and cardigan. Really muddy paws. So as Hermana Anderson ran away I helplessly tried to fend him off of me with my arm, and then the umbrella I had in my other hand, but he COVERED me in mud. So as I was trying to escape I was like "wait, that kind of looks like Nieva, the (S families) dog"... and then we rounded the corner to their house and sure enough, it was their dog that had been roaming around in the street. So we showed up at their house like, "uhhh... your dog just attacked me in the street and I´m really muddy." They apologized profusely, and made me change so they could wash my clothes, so I wore Hermana Standfields shirt for the rest of the day. At least it didn´t bite me or anything.
And then Sunday, before District Conference, I was walking outside of the chapel and totally WIPED OUT. Like completely. There was a puddle of water that I stepped in and then all of a sudden all I know is I was hurtling to the ground and desperately trying to grab on to a nearby convenient tree. So my legs totally splayed out from under me, The upper half of my body ended up hurtling into the pine bush thing next to me, and then I ended up rolling on the ground. And of course all of the members and our investigators were watching. So now I have a really huge cut on my leg where it met with the pavement, a rather bruised dignity, and something more to watch on the instant replay of my life in heaven. Hopefully in slow mo. I´m certainly not the most dignified representative of Jesus Christ out there, but apparently that´s ok and he still wants me here. :)
Also, I miss rachel hludzinski. How are you girl??

I also wanted to include a note for Em and any other hesitant or nervous future missionary out there.
One of the things that Brian said to me before I started my mission really helped me. He said, "Starting your mission is walking right into the dark. But you´ve got my voice, the voice of every other missionary, and the voice of your Lord Jesus Christ calling out to you from that darkness. As you walk with faith, I promise you will reach a point where the darkness will fade and you will see better than you ever could before." I want to add my voice to the many others, and as a representative of Jesus Christ say that despite all the nervousness and unknown of serving a mission, IT IS WORTH IT. It is hard, but it is so, SO worth it. You will never regret the decision to serve a mission.
Or in more light-hearted terms: come, join the party! :)

I love you and pray for you all!!
Hermana Rawlins

Questions from the family:

What happens after you say goodbye to your family outside the MTC (Missionary Training Center)?
A missionary is your "host" and holds your luggage, while you walk through the main building and get your tag and books and get checked in, and then they find your room with you, drop off your luggage, then they find your classroom with you and your teacher and district are waiting there to get right into things! ahh its seriously the best!!!!!!!!

Are you so excited for me?!
YES heck I´m actually really jealous of you getting to go into the MTC. I would LOVE to do it again it´s just so super great!! It´s hard, but also really really great

Emily wants me to ask you if you checked in online for your flight.  We can't remember if you took a boarding pass to the airport, or how that all worked.
I think I checked in online. but i don´t know about boarding pass, don’t remember

i'm glad you survived the no light situation last week! those pictures were crazy with the candles. did you guys just have a supply of candles on hand?
It´s still not 100 %, but for the most part everyone incudling us has electricity. No, we had to buy a ton haha

what's the weather like?
nice! sorry, more important things to write about today

any good stories about the work you've been doing with investigators? if stories are too long to type then no worries!
Well R got ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood this week at district conference and he´s gonna baptize M, the 8 year old, this week! I really really really love that family and I think my heart will break to leave

This type of envelope doesn´t count as a package even though it goes through customs and everything, just a heads up. We can receive as many of them as we want, because it´s an envelope and not a package like in a box. Whenever you send another one, I really need another microfiber towel. also a conference Ensign in english. and maybe a gluestick.

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