Monday, April 7, 2014


Ok first I have some matters of business for you all that I want you to see quick.
I got the package yay!! Who knew about the Sweetart chicks, ducks, and bunnies, and sent them "on Brian´s behalf"? That made me laugh a lot :) I love it all so thank you!!

I want to know more about my great-grandpa´s. And yes I mean specifically the grandpa´s thats not an english mistake :), Do you guys have stories or histories that you can send me? Also about the grandma´s too would be interesting :)

Also this week I got a letter from Bryce (Amanda’s great uncle) that I just loved! He said he was curious about how people speak here. The typical sh accent that everyone thinks is Argentine is actually just in Buenos Aires and other distinct parts, so no I don´t have it here or hear it here, except from the specific people who are Porteno as we call them, or from Buenos Aires. Also Uncle Bryce, I would love to hear about whatever stories you want to tell me! I promise I wouldn´t fall asleep from boredom or anything :)

So this week was long and involved a lot of travelling. We were in Posadas for two days and then we had divisiones for two days and then we went to Apostoles for two days for conference.
I wish i could share all my thoughts from conference but there are two many! I was gonna take a picture of my notes but then I forgot and now the computer is being stupid anyway. I decided that the title of the next Ensign (a magazine published by our Church) shouldn´t be Ensign, it should be Obedience. I lost count of how many talks were about that. I think Elder Bednar´s was my favorite, about taking upon us the Savior´s yoke and how our burdens are necessary to help us grow. I also liked how they talked about the "joyful burden" of discipleship, I thought that was interesting. Also "I would never have asked for this trial, but I would never give it away". That really touched me, and I´m starting to feel that way about my mission. Also in the prophet´s closing remarks him saying "Heavenly Father is personal and real. Realize how close He is willing to come and how far He is willing to go with us". I just really liked that. My thoughts about conference are a lot more poetic in my head but I got rushed along with some computer difficulties, so I´m sorry!
But know that I know that this is truly the church of Jesus Christ, and that His very prophet spoke to us this weekend. I testify that Christ Himself leads this church and will lead us as we follow Him and His loving guidance.

Questions from the Family:

Did you love conference?
Yes, how could you not love conference??!

Do you still understand English? :)
Yes, gratefully, but my notes show some really pathetic grammar mistakes :)

You haven't had mashed potatoes thrown at you, have you? :(  that talk by Elder Holland got to me! We are so proud of you! And know that you are sustained through very hard things.
nope, no mashed potatoes, but men do have a habit of yelling things at us that shouldn´t be said to a daughter of God.

love you guys a ton!!

-Hermana rawlins

Redefining Mormon Swag as we travelled to and from conference, including the people drinking mate up front. I really wanted to put a bumper sticker on the back of the sketchy bus that said "come, join with us" ;)
we love general conference!! especially in english!
guess what this is, and if you guess "giant ant hole" you´re right!

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