Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Unwelcome Guest

Hello famjamily!

This week was crazy. I say that every week and then the next one is even crazier.

So this week started off with an unwelcome visitor under my bed Tuesday night. See picture #1. I walked into the room and it was running under my bed and I was like, "uh, that´s not ok" so then I waited until Hermana Anderson got out of the shower and we started into Operation Kill the Scorpion Under Hermana Rawlins´ Bed. I´m just glad I saw it before it got too comfortable or anything. And yes, we took the pictures after it was dead :)
Then I spent 2 days in Apostoles on a division, and then I got shipped from there right to Posadas Friday morning to do tramites. But then they didn´t work so I had to finish them today because I´m in Posadas again for the leadership counsel that Hermana Anderson goes to, and so now as of this morning I have a visa to go to Paraguay! I´m not sure how I feel about that, or what it means for the transfer cause President just wants everyone to have one.
Then we got back Friday afternoon in time to pull off a branch activity about missions that we were in charge of, where we shared thingsfrom our missions and all the returned missionaries too. It was fun though cause all I had to share was about Virasoro, so my little table was just full of all the little gifts the members have given me, and they could see them there and that I treasure them :)
Then Saturday was T´s baptism, which was awesome. R baptized him and then gave him a hug in the water after cause the water was cold, which is what picture#3 is of. Then Sunday R got sustained as the branch YM´s president, which we´re really excited about. He was asking why he didn´t have a "carga" in the church like the other priesthood holders and we were like, oh just wait, we´re working on that :) So that picture of us and the family, #2, is where finally every member is baptized and active and R is the head of the household with the Melchezideck Priesthood and a calling. YES!!!! Seriously it makes me so happy. The thing is now I feel kinda like my work is done and I´ll leave Virasoro. I think I´ll go this next week, and I know my heart will break. I have lived and breathed Virasoro and our little branch for six months now, what am I gonna do without my friends and when I can´t make sure they´re ok?? Hermana Anderson and I are both sad the transfer is ending cause we both feel like life has to get hard again. We´ve been having too much fun and too much happiness :)
I love you all a ton and pray for you every day! I´m so grateful we have the blessing and promise that families are forever. Take care of yourselves!
 Hermana Rawlins
p.s. Sister Rawlins looks so cute and so happy!! I know she´ll be amazing! For the record, I will remain Hermana rawlins and she´ll be Sister Rawlins. When people are practicing their English and call me Sister Rawlins, I get super confused and don´t know who it is. Whoever they´re talking about isnt me, cause I´m HERMANA Rawlins. :)

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