Monday, March 31, 2014

We had to come to Argentina to be friends

So this week has seemed like forever with cambios (transfers). We had planned to go around and say goodbye to everyone with Hermana Gonzalez on Tuesday, and then take a collectivo early Wednesday morning. But then all of a sudden our leaders told us we needed to leave Tuesday afternoon and stay the night in Posadas. So we ran around throwing things in suitcases, ran around the town saying goodbye to as many people as we could manage, and caught a collectivo Tuesday night. Sidenote: watching Hermana Gonzalez say goodbye to Virasoro made me so sad and I was crying too and I wasn´t even leaving. So that´ll be fun when it actually is me leaving.

Anyway, we arrived in Posadas at a pension with 6 other hermanas all staying the night, just to find out that there were riots and a collectivo strike in Paraguay and no one could travel. So we stayed an uncomfortable night there in posadas and then got sent back Wednesday morning with an indefinite answer about when cambios would be. We also don´t have a phone cause it stopped working, so we had to go to President’s house and borrow his phone to call Wednesday night and see what was happening, and they said transfers are tomorrow.

So then we traveled BACK to posadas Thursday morning, I waited for Hermana Anderson to arrive from Paraguay, and we made it to Virasoro Thursday afternoon. It was way hard to say goodbye to hermana gonzalez, because I´ve spent 5 months 24/7 with her, and then she just walked away and I was like wait you can´t just do that!! So that was hard and I miss her!!

But Hermana Anderson loves Virasoro (and me, obviously :) and says she´s basically in paradise or the Promised Land based on her other areas so she´s really happy. But that makes me never want to leave. And she won´t speak English to me, which is honestly probably good. She´s the Sister Training Leader (STL) for our zone and says she considers me her assistant STL, like it´s our job to do it all together, which makes me feel useful and I´m grateful for that. She´s at a conference today so we traveled to Apostoles last night, stayed the night, and then got up at 4 and kept traveling to Posadas. I´m passing the pday with another hermana (I literally can´t speak english I´m so sorry) and then we have to stay the night again, which no one kindly informed us about. That happens all the time. yay the mission!! haha but really missions are super great.
And the only other news is that I´m so pumped from General Conference!! I´m honestly more excited about it than like for my birthday or something. This Conference marks my six month mark, as last conference was my last weekend home and I was packing my suitcases. I´ve been thinking about that this week and all that´s happened since. I know that we have a living prophet on the earth and that he speaks directly for Jesus Christ and Christ directs the church. The prophet is our light and guide in this confusing world, and so I´m very eager to listen to him this weekend. In English :)

Questions from the family:

so i've been waiting, is it 52nd ward Hermana Anderson or a different Hermana Anderson? How do you like the new comp so far? Are you glad you have a change or no?
.... and so it was that the two girls from BYU 52nd ward traveled all the way to Argentina to be companions. Someone tell the Patches. She´s super great! The change was hard but good, so yes and no. I miss Hermana Gonzalez a ton!

did you get to watch the General Womens Meeting on Saturday? 
nooo I was so sad!!

Will you get to watch conference this upcoming weekend? 
yes yes!! Because our chapel doesn´t have wifi the whole branch has to travel to Apostoles. They only manage to coordinate that for Sunday, so Hermana Anderson and I are gonna take a collectivo there Saturday, stay the night with the Hermanas in that area, and be there Sunday as well.

your mud pictures were insane! do you wash it off when you get home or go to bed like that? :) 
heck no I don´t go to bed like that! I´ve taken to showering at night cause I´m always just so dirty hahaha
Have you been wearing your boots with all the mud or not because they were cutting your calves?
nope, I haven´t tried again. hna Anderson has duct tape that I´m gonna try putting on the back, when I ever get around to it

Were you able to give Sis Gonzales the little present in the package before you parted ways? 
nooo because the Elder in charge STILL hasn´t taken the package out of the mail place and I don´t have anything nice to say about that so I´ll stop. but on the plus side, this week I got letters! one from Mom from when she was flying, one from Isaac, and one from Bishop Ross. Thank you!!

Do you have more investigators you are teaching, or do you work most with members?
the problem we have right now is that all of our investigators got baptized. Which isn´t actually a problem haha. So we´re looking for new people and focusing on helping the recent converts as well. This week we met M., and she is super, super prepared. It was amazing and so I´m excited to keep teaching her!
Also, Happy Birthday Emmy!!!! Woooot!!! I´ll be singing feliz cumpleanos for you from over here and for future reference if I forget anyone´s birthday in the next year no one hate me please.

lots of love,

Hermana Rawlins


  1. I'm Hna Anderson's mom. I had to share some of her letter home today: "My comp is Hna Rawlins, who get this, is MY FRIEND FROM BYU!!!! She is absolutely the greatest and I LOVE HER TO DEATH!" Thanks for raising an amazing daughter. I can't wait to see all they do together!

    1. That is the best! Who knew that the 51st freshman BYU ward would result in future mission companions :) We are grateful for Hermana Anderson and that they have the opportunity to work together!