Monday, March 3, 2014


This week I got letters! from Nila, Amanda H, the card with the fabric, and por FIN Alli´s wedding announcement. It´s a good thing we have email or I wouldn´t even know my twin got married. Those letters are all super late because for some reason the office had them stored away somewhere for months and never gave them to me, but they had arrived just fine. Whatever, they made it to me!

The best part of this week was R. and M. getting married on Friday, and R. and G(1). (but we call him Pato :) got baptized on Saturday! It was awesome and I just really love that family!! It was a great moment for all. Ruben bore his testimony on Sunday after being confirmed about how happy he felt and he couldn´t even explain why, how grateful he is for G(2). and her faith in continuing to go to church, and how he prays every day for the strength to continue forward. I can´t even type it right, I wish you guys could just meet him. Hopefully in the celestial kingdom :)

Another great thing that happened this week happened with L., but I don´t think I´ve told you guys about him yet. We reactivated his mom and his older brother, who received the priesthood recently, but when they two were baptized L. wasn´t 8 so he couldn´t be yet. Anyway, we´ve been working with them for super long but L. always said no, no I don´t want to get baptized, I don’t feel prepared, etc. So honestly we kind of laid off and the young men took over, fellowshipping him and talking to him about when they got baptized and received the priesthood and stuff.

the other week his mom told us he randomly came up to her and was like "I want to get baptized so I can enter the celestial kingdom" and so she was happy and we were happy but the thing is he needed permission from his dad, who´s not a member and doesn´t like the church. He actually said he never wanted to see us in his house, which is coincidentally another reason we stopped visiting haha. Anyway, we taught him on Saturday and said we need to announce your baptism in church if you´re gonna do it and so he went right then and asked but his dad said "we´ll see". Anyway long story short by some miscommunication we thought he later said yes after we left, so we told the president to announce it, and then later saturday night they said no we haven´t asked yet! So we said ok, but you have to ask before you come to church and started fasting and praying. The mom said that he didn´t say one word to her all night until 5 minutes to 9 when church starts, they were walking out the door and were like, "ok we really need to know!" and he said "yeah, if he wants", like it was no big deal. Hooray for miracles!! So that´s our good news for the week!

and I don´t have any other stories super great to tell.

I´M SO HAPPY ABOUT ISAAC HE´S ADORABLE YAAYYYY!! He looks exactly like a little Rawlins baby, which I think is so fun! It´s just a shame he won´t meet his favorite aunt until april of 2015.  I´m so excited for William and Ese and Little Isaac! One of the pictures you sent me I legit thought was a baby picture of me, which is weird. I guess baby me looked kind of like a boy :) but you all sound like you´re doing super great and I´m so thankful for your love and support! Missions are hard but I wouldn´t be anywhere else in the world because I know this is where my Savior told me to be. So here I am :) I know this gospel is real, has real power in our lives, and our Heavenly Father really does have a perfect plan. We will look back at our lives and be so happy we followed Him with faith.

okay love you all!

love, amanda :)

Questions from Family:

my main question is just how you've been this week? how are you feeling in regards to the whole companion frustration situation? 

This week has been about the same, but also a little bit better. It really all just depends on my attitude. If I sit around and focus on what I think she´s thinking about me, or that I and others think she´s a hard companion, then I feel horrible and things are horrible. But if I open my mouth and ask, she generally says nice things and we connect and both feel better. Things are actually way better than they used to be between us, we´ve both changed and learned to love each other, and now I still struggle for the most part only because I struggle to see or believe in the good that I individually am doing, and that transfers to feeling useless or pointless in the companionship. I´ve taken to writing "I am Amanda, a daughter of the Almighty God" above our plans for the day in my planner so that I see it everytime I open it. And I´m learning to believe in my individual worth because I choose to believe in it and therefore be happy. so yeah. :)

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