Monday, March 10, 2014

my nephew is the cutest little boy ever

ok before anything else, you just have to know that me and hermana gonzalez are sitting here in the cyber oohing and aahing over little Isaac (Amanda’s new nephew). He is just so dang cute and looks like one super cool dude. Can´t wait to meet him!!

Allie informed that that carpincho is the World´s Largest Rodent, so I´ve bascially eaten an ROUS (Princess Bride reference). I am horrified and also slightly proud. Mostly horrified.

Also there´s a lady speaking English in an English accent right now in the cyber and I´m dying of happiness.

This week I got a letter from Bryce from Buenos Aires! At first I was super confused that I knew somebody in Buenos Aires but then I figured it out haha. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Rowe and especially Bryce!!

So this week L.  got baptized! Picture below. He also received the priesthood and R. did as well, which I am super happy about! 

This week I also had a division with Hermana Crump, our Sister Training Leader from Utah so that was fun to get to be with her. She actually only has one transfer more than me in the mission and is super great. Speaking of which, I officially hit my 5 month mark, which kind of seems ridiculous.

This Wednesday we have a mission conference in Posadas with an area authority, so that will be fun to get to go to Posadas for that. It´s always refreshing to see the other missionaries too, and to remember that you´re not the only ones doing this!

The other week Alli said that her and Mike sat outside on their driveway in lawn chairs like old people. What she really should have said, is they sat outside on their driveway like Argentinians. The people here live like they are permanently camping. They go to work and school and stuff, but so many of them in all their free time, just sit outside and tomar mate with their family and watch people walk by. It´s super laid back and Hermana Gonzalez always makes some comment about how they can spend all that time doing that, but for me it´s always a little hard not to feel just a little bit jealous of how carefree they seem :)

Anyway, sorry this letter is really all over the place but I´m doing well and love you all a ton!!

Hermana Rawlins

Questions from the family:

What is your most common meal down there?
CARBS. The norm is like pasta and potatoes and mayonese. ugh.

Tell us more about the dirt project with the missionaries and youth. What was the goal/ finished project?
It was for a foundation that works to give food and supplies to mothers who don´t have enough to feed their kids, and the goal was to move the one pile of dirt from the spot where they left it to spread it around hahaha. They want that area to be more level or something to use for something. As you can tell, I´m very educated about the subject. Mostly I just do what everyone tells me. And they told me to move that dirt so we moved it. :)

Do you or the members there get to watch Mormon messages and all the videos in the Come Follow Me curriculum? What is the general spread of internet use in homes, etc?
umm I´m not really sure how to answer this question and I´m running out of time already. Not everyone has internet, but some do. The church doesn´t, but we do have a little television that you can play movies on!

Do you know how much we love you and pray for your self-confidence and well-being?
Is there a right answer to this question? :) Maybe? :)

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