Monday, February 17, 2014

Hooray for Mondays!!

I´m doing well, this week seemed kind of long and Valentine´s day made me suuuper trunky, but things are good here in Virasoro!!

This week we had the special privilege of eating carpincho. Look that up and then cry for me. It´s some local animal and it tasted like horrible rancid tuna. Hermana Gonzalez was basically throwing up in the street as we walked home haahaha. So hopefully we don´t get served that anymore. ugh. 

I have never sweated more in my life. But there was a storm and the heat broke so it´s been nice and cool the past few days, which was a wonderful break. I actually wore a cardigan one day! Woot little blessings :)

My mission is unearthing a talent in me for being resourceful, which I didn´t know I had! I do things like that all the time and just make it work. We had a problem because our air conditioner was dripping water on the sign of the hairstylist below us and making it dirty, so he told us to do something about it. I successfully fixed the problem with an old tube laying on the balcony from a previous air conditioner, plastic from a water bottle, and tape. Go me. And then I was like, I´m totally my father´s daughter :) 

This week we also did a service project which was fun except I got super sunburned because I forgot to wear sunscreen (sorry mom!) and then on Sunday we had a class with all the youth where we talked about missions and gave them all little plaques so that´s the other picture. 

Sorry this letter isn´t all that great, but I promise I´m doing well!

I love you all a ton, pray for you always, and am so thankful for your love and support.

love, hermana rawlins

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