Monday, February 24, 2014

Courage Take!

This week was up and down for me, but we had some miracles happen which was super awesome. I don´t have time to type them all sorry, but here´s a small one.

Hermana Gonzalez lost her tag, we´re positive she was wearing it as we left the apartment but then it fell off so we retraced our steps and couldn´t find it anywhere. She was pretty disappointed, but we´re all given two in the beginning so it wasn´t the end of the world, just inconvenient. Anyway she woke up Sunday morning, two days later, and her tag was under her pillow. :)

In other happy news R. and M. are gonna get married and then R. baptized this week! So extra prayers that everything goes well cause if the paperwork doesn´t work out for the marriage, R. can´t be baptized. I really love that family so much, attached is a picture of Thati and Pato (nicknames I have no idea what their actual names are haha). I had my camera to take pictures with the family and they ran around saying take a picture of me doing this! take a picture of me doing this! So they climbed this tree and I told them they looked like monkeys. Also the other picture is us with all of them!

One thing I´ve been learning on my mission is that we really are literally in a battle against good and evil. There are both good and evil forces around us. But the happy news is that good is destined to win. Courage take, for goodness sake :) and when you´re outta courage and you´re ready to break... you´ve got your father and mother, sister and brother, pulling to together we can work it out! haha go saturday´s warrior (an old Mormon movie). but really, I am so grateful for you guys, your support and love, and I love and miss you all a ton!

Questions from the family:

Any more carpincho encounters?(the rodent Amanda ate last week that tasted like rancid tuna)
thank heavens no!

You said your companion was practically puking after eating the carpincho but were you not?? how did you stomach it?? 
haha yeah hermana gonzalez was gagging in the street but it didn´t make me nauseous, just the taste was horrible and both our stomachs hurt after. 

What's your favorite experience teaching someone a lesson?
It´s hard to pick. Off the top of my head I´d probably say the one teaching B. that I already told you guys. It´s just always awesome when you can tell that the person really gets it, and can feel the spirit touching their heart.

One of the things Alyssa (a recently returned missionary and friend) said, was she wondered why they call it Pday because it's really P hours. You still have the same morning schedule and then only a few hours to get so much done and then the evening is regular proselyting again. Is that similar for you?
AMEN. It´s exactly the same, and it´s honestly hard sometimes. at least for me. Also, it´s called preparation day and not personal day for a reason. You really only have time to do everything you didn´t have time to do the rest of the week. agh.

And do you pay every time to get to use the internet at the cyber?
yes, but it´s relatively cheap and it doesn´t bother me at all because it´s so worth it!!

Loved seeing the pictures and hearing about the youth activities!  You are the only blonde. Where did you get the cute white shirt with dots in the youth mission picture? I don't recognize it. 
Hermana Moraga just recently gave it to me as a present. It´s from the Maria´s, the giant yerba mate plantation corporation thingy right next to Virasoro and as far as I understand it is the reason we have a town here.

Also, you look very "you" in the gardening picture, like it is something you are very comfortable doing. Remember your awesome job of manure mixing you did with Dad? Who knew then that the fields and hearts of Virasora were awaiting your touch?!
haha yeah it was fun, and something familiar so it felt good. I do remember that, how fun it was and then I was all brown after! :)

How is it going with your companionship project of you feeling like a good missionary?
it depends, but goodish. The hardest part I think is having the humility and energy to just keep trying and trying and trying. and trying.

How is your language comfort level by now?
pretty good, I can understand about everything in a lesson, and about 80-90 percent of just random encounters. depends.


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