Monday, January 6, 2014

Spanish Mishaps

hi famjamily!

Okay so this week has honestly been rough and long because I got sick at the beginning and had to keep working with a fever and cold symptoms every day. Whereas my solution to getting sick is to lie in bed and not take medicine because I don´t like it, the solution here is to take a bunch of Argentinian medicine and keep working. But the medicine is helping and the nurse is nice and speaks English and I got a blessing where Elder Sattler basically said keep working and you´ll be fine haha so that´s what I´ve done! 
Elder Sattler has a new companion here (this is a pair of Elders that also works in Virasiro where Amanda is) because his first trainer finished and went home. Elder Morales his companion told me my Spanish was good for a "nueva" so that was nice haha! Anyway we´re excited to really get this town moving with the work now and Elder Morales is great! 

Some funny things that happened with my Spanish this week:
I was teaching in Spanish, and really trying hard, and all of a sudden blurted out "because" instead of porque. It was so funny cause neither me or hermana gonzalez expected it so we both almost cracked up during the lesson. My poor brain just spits out whatever it can think of fast enough.

Also, to the same investigator whose name is J., I tried to ask how often he prays to make sure he really is, and instead of "Con que frequencia ora, J.?" I said "Con que frequencia ora, Jose Smith (Joseph Smith, the first prophet of the Restoration of the church)?". Again, hna gonzalez and I both cracked up.

And in the SAME LESSON (not a good day for Spanish for me) I tried to ask "When did you go to church with your dad?" and instead of papá I said papa, which can either be translated as "When did you go to church with the Pope?", or "When did you go to church with your potatoe?". Hahahaha

I´m trying to get better at just laughing at myself, and sometimes I make it reeaally easy. :)
Questions from the family:

What is Relief Society like there?
small and kinda of boring for me because it´s all in spanish and everyone talks really quiet. So i have serious problems staying awake haha :)

What do you do during all of your walking time?
think, sing hymns in my head (weirdly in spanish sometimes), and try not to die from the sun. oh gosh we walk so much

Any snail mail yet?
Letters sent in the mail to her have been really slow getting delivered.
nope, but my leaders are in posadas today for a meeting and then we have a zone conference tomorrow where i´ll be with them so I´m crossing my fingers for some tomorrow!

Dad said Chile made a big deal about New Years, was it like that? What did you do?
It wasn´t really a big deal, I personally don´t think they make a big deal of anything here in virasoro. We ate carne asado at a members house that pity-invited us cause they found out that day at lunch we didn´t have a place to go. (everyone eats super late so no one wanted to ruin their plans and eat dinner earlier with us haha). So that family was nice us enough to prepare a little something early for us and then we went home early cause the environment there was gonna get rowdy. so yeah. Happy new years! :)

Did you find a SD card?
I found one in the cyber but I haven´t bought it yet. I can though!

Do you have another American nearby?
Elder Sattler came in on the same transfer with me and he´s here in Virasoro, and now one of the Sisters in Santa Tome is brand new so I´ll see her every week for district meetings!
hermana rawlins
a random bird was in a shop which was fun

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