Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad and Yay Wedding!!

yay yay I´m so happy looking at all the pictures (of her twin Allison’s wedding) and everything!! I prayed and fasted it would be a good time for all and minus Emily sounds like nearly dying that prayer was answered! haha :) 
Attached are pictures of how I celebrated! The first is a factura with dulce de leche in the morning and the second mint and chocolate alfajor icecream at night. Maybe you guys should stop doing things without me so I´ll stop gaining so much weight :) Hna gonzalez and I also made a video journal of what we did during the day to record it, but you´ll have to wait like 16 months to see that sorry. :) 

I don´t have much to say that I can´t just wait until I get to actually talk to you all on Wednesday! I´m way excited, and think we should all pray that skype works with the internet here and everything because I´m a little worried. I trust we´ll figure it out though! The plans remain the same as far as I know. 

I want to send a little Christmas message. Like I think the moragas told you, yesterday in church I somehow had the ability to sing acapella, in spanish, as a solo, and not be nervous at all. (talk about The Lord expanding our abilities). I know that was possible because I really wanted to share my testimony of the Savior with these people, and that´s been hard for me to not be able to do with the language barrier. Since I´ve recently been obsessed with the hymn Come, Ye Disconsolate, I translated that to sing, though it´s not perfect with the melody and doesn't rhyme. oh well. Hna Gonzalez sang the first two verses to where can I turn for peace in English  (I taught her :), and then I followed with these lyrics,
Venid descontentados, dondequiera
Venid al su Senor, arrodillados
Traed sus heridos y sus sufrimientos
"No hay pena que no sera´ sanado"
Gozo cuando triste, luz de los perdidos
Esperanza por los remordidos
El Consolador esta´diciendo,
"No hay pena que no puedo curar"
Aqui es el Messiah, nuestro Salvador
El nos guia al trono de Dios
Venid a su amor, Venid y sabed:
Toda pena los Cielos pueden quitar.
I have a testimony of that. Last week Dad said something in his email that stuck out to me, in talking about how it´s what we DO for the Savior that´s how we keep Christ is Christmas. He said "This year you are giving your all to Him". I sure am trying. That´s the only reason I´m here. If this were up to me I´d be curled up on my bed at home watching a movie. But He wants me here and so here I am. I love Him. He lived and died for us, are we living for Him?

I love you all a ton and can´t wait to talk soon!!

factura with dulce de leche

mint and chocolate alfajor icecream

me vanna-whiting my christmas decorations which I´m really proud of

us and a sign that hna gonzalez made to take pics and send to her family

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