Monday, December 16, 2013

Answering Questions

Ah ok I don´t have much time today for a group email because I was answering individuals!

Here are the questions:

Does your ward have a gospel essentials
(introduction to the church) class for Sunday School that you go to?
Yes, assuming the teacher shows up haha

What is young women's like?
I´m not sure I haven´t been in a class, but we have a really great group of young women who are always willing to go out with us. They´re probably the strongest and by that I mean most-attended organization our rama
(local congregation) has

How much do you cook for yourselves, vs eating at
church member's homes?
We eat at a members home for lunch every day, which we are very thankful for because no missionary ever has enough money to really feed themself for a month. Moral of the story, feed the missionaries. I buy like crackers and fruit for breakfasts and dinners in the apartment.

Do you read your scriptures in English or Spanish?
goodness in english :) I can understand the spanish scriptures more or less, at least the general message of a verse, but Preach My Gospel
(missionary manual) and everyone says to study doctrine in your native language first so I’ll be doing that for my whole mission

How do you do your morning exercise?
sometimes I stretch my feet :) haha no I stretch and run stairs outside my apartment. It really depends on the day, If I´m feeling extra stressed I´ll run and do cardio for longer to help, but also it´s just always so hot that exercise is gross

How is companionship study?
depends on the day. It´s so so frustrating to have the patience to communicate all of the ideas and thoughts I have with a 5 year olds vocabulary.

Do you tract mostly, or go to appointments? mostly appointments with members and less actives. we´re trying to figure out the best way to help this rama (local congregation) with retention.

What happened to my forehead in the picture with the alfajor was just the mark from the headlamp I had been wearing previous to the picture haha. That was when we didn´t have electricity. Who knew that 7 dollar headlamp from walmart was gonna be so useful in argentina! I still have bites but I think that´s going to be normal from now on.

Okay I don´t have any more time. I´m doing well, just needing more patience every day :) our schedule changed this week to the summer schedule so we study in the afternoons which is nice. 

Enjoy the wedding!! Please someone sing I´m getting married in the morning to Alli on Friday night because it´s my personal goal to sing that to all of my sisters when they get married. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!

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