Monday, November 4, 2013

Provo Oeste

ah! family! 

Things are good here at Provo West! It's nice to be in new places even though we do exactly the same thing and it's nice to be able to walk outside and stuff even though lately it's decided to snow randomly. No one asked us if that would be ok. Poor hermana stradling who's going to Texas has like no warm clothes. I found a pair of elders going to posadas who said that there's six of them in a district together, and they'd heard about some hermanas but I still haven't found them.

It's weird that I'm almost done with the MTC! I think we get travel plans this week. It's been an interesting week. A few things happened that I didn't really ever expect in my companionship, that we needed to address and work to resolve. I'm grateful for priesthood leadership that we can always turn to and I'm grateful for the Lord who knows what He's doing. I know that in the past few days I have been an instrument in His hands in a very specific way that I never thought I'd do. It's an interesting and good feeling to know that He's using you to invite others to come to Christ, not just investigators but everyone including our companions, and that He can put you in the exact places He needs you. Sorry I know that's cryptic and vague but I promise I'm ok and things are working out! Nothing bad happened to me that you should worry about I promise. 

That's so exciting about Grandma and Grandpa's mission call!! In our devotional on Tuesday they gave a special shoutout to senior missionaries and how amazing they are and told us that they'd become our best buddies. :) 

I have very little time but I want to share a quick thought about Christ. We've been talking about how He wasn't perfect because He was given special power to be able to be perfect. He wasn't perfect because it was easy for Him. He suffered and was tempted just like us, and even more so. He was perfect because He wanted to be. He knew what was at stake. He knew WE were at stake.

Also, there was a devotional speaker here from Brazil who was my favorite devotional speaker so far because he brought the spirit so powerfully talking about how this gospel changed his life and what it meant to him. It made me feel better about being nervous to go down to South America just because of how much I already love the people.

ok love you all!!!!

this is what we did for halloween. You can't see but our name tags are switched too. Then I played 4-square in gym so it was nice to be outside that night. 
Also I swear I was the only festive-looking person on all of campus and I don't even like halloween. 

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