Monday, November 11, 2013

la ultima semana

Guess who has travel plans?? 
Guess who's pretty nervous about that??
Also me.

So I leave the MTC at 6 Monday morning, we leave from SLC, go to Atlanta, 3 hour layover, 11 hour flight to Buenos Aires, get there just before 8 in the morning, and then Elder Prince and I have nooo idea how we're getting to Posadas from there. We just know it's quite a ways to go. Visions of crowded buses with no bathrooms through the Argentinan countryside are haunting us. We hear it's about a 12-18 hour bus ride to salta so we're expecting something like that, maybe a little shorter. yay yay! I have no idea why we're not going to Asuncion. A whole ton of Argentinian missionaries are on our flights so I think they're sending a whole country's worth of missionaries down all at the same time. On tourist visas, because some people (like Elder Prince) haven't even submitted their applications yet. So I don't even know if I have my visa or not yet, I'm just doing what they tell me to. Which is pretty normal on a mission haha. 

I love love love hearing about everything that's going on in your lives. I can honestly focus better when I know what you guys are up to instead of wondering.

You all have been asking about Spanish. Eh. It honestly depends on the day. But yesterday I gave my first sacrament meeting (church) talk in Spanish so I thought I would include it here for you! have fun translating it, hopefully it actually makes sense!

Fe en Jesucristo es el primer principio del Evangelio. Fe es cuando nostoros creemos que Jesucristo es el Hijo de Dios y nuestro Salvador y Redentor. No sabemos todos y por eso necesitamos tener fe. Alma dijo.. Alma 32:21. Fe es una decisión. Necesitamos tomarlo cada día. este es como nosotros ejercemos nuestra fe. Como hacemos ejercicios, tenemos que elegir fe día por día. Fe es confidencia en nuestro Señor. Nosotros confiamos que él sabe que él está haciendo. él está guiando nuestras vidas. él cuidará nosotoros siempre. él tiene cariño a nosotros. Cuando tenemos fe en él, nosotros demostramos nuestro amor por él. Mediante nuestro fe, podemos recibir muchas bendiciones. La mejor bendición que podemos recibir es la vida eterna. Esta es posible solamente mediante nuestra fe en nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. 

I have a testimony of that. We need to trust that He is and will always take care of us. No matter what. 

 funny story about the apple cider. I had been wanting some but felt bad asking and then our branch president's wife was like "I think I'm going to bring you sisters some apple cider because you have an apartment now" and all the hermanas cracked up and said that was an answer to pray because I had been saying I wanted some. So this was Hermana Stradling's first cup of apple cider aka her first chance at real happiness in life. And then I opened my package from you guys with apple cider and I was like THE LORD LOVES ME. So it was awesome and you guys are awesome. :)

me and the perfect socks <3 <3

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