Monday, October 14, 2013

Loving the MTC

I love it here!!! Like so much. The Spirit is amazing. I love how even when you're overwhelmed or stressed if you just stop and take a breath the Spirit is instantly back with you! 
Okay I made a list of things to tell you so I'm going to try to go fast through it. 

Thanks for the dearelders and the package! Getting mail is the best feeling and brightens every day. Sorry in advance if I don't respond to every question, just ask me again. 

Mi companera is amazing!! I love her so much and we were basically instant friends. Her name's Hermana Zapata, she's from Chicago, is 20 and did two years at BYUI before she left. She's going to Bolivia Santa Cruz and so we're sad that we won't be together for our missions. She cracks me up and we have so much fun together, but then can turn around and say a prayer and the Spirit is instantly there. I feel so blessed to start off my mission with such an amazing companion. My district has 10 people (I think) and we're all kinda going all over. Elder Prince is the only one going to Posadas with me from my district, and actually the only person who seems to have heard of Posadas here at all. So dad no, I haven't heard much about my mission here at all. Apparently the majority of the Spanish districts are in Provo West and there's a chance that we'll get moved over there at the end of the month, so maybe I'll meet some hermanas heading to posadas there! Hopefully. 

Hna. Brotherson in my district saw my nametag and immediately said "my aunt works with your aunt Carrie in the timpanogas district! She told me to watch out for you!" Also Hna. Sparacino is her companion and I went to EFY (Especially for Youth ) with her at SVU (Southern Virginia University). Fun coincedences. Oh no I already can't spell English words.
I officially think in Spanglish! That's the hardest part right now, teaching in Spanish is very frustrating. To only half-understand what they're saying their problem is and then to only know how to say "God loves you" back is hard. But considering I couldn't form sentences a week ago, I'm trying to be patient with myself but also force myself to learn it. It's a weird balance. 

Mom, yes they put my tag on me right away and yes I love wearing it!! My new favorite accessory. Although let's be honest it doesn't have much competition.

Here at the MTC it is apparently normal to walk into Relief Society and see that Sister Bonnie Oscarson, the YW (Young Women’s) General President, is giving the lesson for today. It was super great!! She talked about how in Jacob 5 when they call more servants to the vineyard is our day. Also everyone's a buzz because this next Tuesday's devotional is being broadcast to all the MTC's which means it's supposed to be a pretty cool speaker. We made it a point to be in choir so we could be in the same room as the speaker and we're singing a great version of Praise to the Man. So I'm really excited for that!!

Oh I love everything here but the food. It tastes good but doesn't sit well at all. So I usually just feel pretty sickish, and have broken into my supply of pepto. Prayers for health would be appreciated! Especially cause I'm still just in provo oh dear.

One thing I forgot to do is waterproof my shoes before I left, specifically the leathery ones. The missionaries here were talking about like a beeswax substance you can rub on them to do it, can you guys look into that for me?

I love you all so much!! I love what I'm doing right now, it feels so so good. I know that our Savior makes any problem or challenge possible through His infinite love and Atonement and I am so grateful for that knowledge in my life.

Hermana Rawlins

p.s. I'll send pictures!

me and hna. zapata

I think this is her reaction to receiving a package

us and good ol' Samuel Smith

ok this tree actually smells like cream soda everyone's telling the truth

the district

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