Monday, October 28, 2013

Companion Loss Grief Syndrome

This week has been up and down and kinda all over the place. Saying goodbye to Hermana Zapata was hard and I miss her a ton! I'm officially in a trio. Hnas Buno and Stradling have been really nice about it so it's honestly not as bad as I was expecting. But it is more difficult to coordinate 3 people's wants and needs and ideas than 2 for sure. But it's good! Teaching is easier mostly because you have an extra person to stare at until they start talking when you run out of things to say!

In Relief Society each week we have a guest speaker so no we don't use the manual, and yes the devotional from Elder Oaks was broadcast to all the MTC's in the world! Yes I'm in choir for each one cause it's the best and you just show up to practice, and actually apparently they panned across me singing during the Elder Oaks devotional so Jason in Mexico might have seen me. 

There’s not a point where we're not allowed to speak English but our teachers are telling us we need to speak if more because the hardest part is forcing yourself to use it when English just comes out so much easier.

We're officially moving tomorrow! Which means I have to pack everything today, yay. We're all pretty excited for a change of scenery though! I checked today and they said mail sent to my current address will forward so whatever.

I have a new found testimony of gym-time (yes I just said that). One of the days this week was just so hard and hna stradling and I were so frustrated and overwhelmed so we sprinted on ellipticals next to each other and ranted and it felt soo good. I really like her, she's the hermana here I can be the most 'real' with, if that makes sense. 

Also this week was our first week in the TRC (teaching resource center) which was AMAZING!!! We shared a message about God's love to people (who were being themselves, not investigators) and like everyone started crying basically and the spirit was so strong. So that was awesome and then during music and the spoken word they were going across the aisle of men in the choir singing and we were like WAIT that's the man we taught!!! hahaha so we taught a lesson to a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! in which he cried. Not that that's the ultimate goal, but still. :)

love you all a ton!!! Also sorry this letter isn't very spiritual, we've had some amazing talks and experiences I promise!! This is definitely Christ's church on the earth and I can see His hand in it everyday.

lots of love,

Hermana Rawlins

me and hermana zapata before she left!

new companionship!!

me and my mole day package!! let's not talk about how chubby i look the mtc diet is killer

My outfit when hermana buno told me i could totally pull off being at hogwarts - probably the best compliment I've gotten in my whole life :)

me and hna sparacino from efy (especially for youth)

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